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Highly respected scholar Carl R. Holladay offers an in-depth critical commentary on the book of Acts in this valuable work from the acclaimed New Testament Library series. Holladay offers a theological, contextual, and literary interpretation, paying attention to Acts as a rich narrative that accounts for the development of the early Christian church. He sees Luke’s literary style as an expression of its theological purpose. Holladay writes, “Convinced that Jesus’ life and death and the emergence of the early Christian movement occurred under divine guidance and continued the biblical story by fulfilling God’s ancient promises, Luke decided to incorporate them into a grandly conceived narrative told in a dignified yet dramatic style. Acts reflects the close relationship between medium and message, yet it also illustrates how the medium is the message.” Holladay’s commentary is theologically rich and steeped in narrative analysis that understands the high level of literary style as an expression of the theological content and the telling of the Christian origin.

Author Bio

Professor Holladay’s current research focuses on Luke-Acts; Hellenistic Judaism, or Judaism in the Graeco-Roman world; and Christology. He is the Charles Howard Candler Professor of New Testament Studies. Publications A Critical Introduction to the New Testament: Interpreting the Message and Meaning of Jesus Christ (Abingdon Press 2005) Fragments from Hellenistic Jewish Authors: Historians (Society of Biblical Literature 1983); Poets (Society of Biblical Literature 1989); Aristobulus (Society of Biblical Literature 1995); Orphica (Society of Biblical Literature 1996) Commentary on First Corinthians (1979) THEIOS ANER in Hellenistic Judaism: A Critique of the Use of This Category in New Testament Christology (Society of Biblical Literature 1977) Biblical Exegesis: A Beginner’s Handbook, 3rd edition, coauthor (West Minister John Knox 2007) Preaching Through the Christian Year (Trinity Press International 1992-94), coauthor Preaching the New Common Lectionary (Abingdon Press 1984-87), coauthor