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Midian, Moab and Edom: The History and Archaeology of Late Bronze and Iron Age Jordan and North-West Arabia

Midian, Moab and Edom: The History and Archaeology of Late Bronze and Iron Age Jordan and North-West Arabia

John F. A. Sawyer, David J. A. Clines

| JSOT Press | 1983

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Midian, Moab and Edom documents recent archaeological discoveries from the Late Bronze and Iron Age. It explores the connection between ancient Near Eastern cultures, and reflects a wide range of approaches—textual, linguistic, archaeological, anthropological, and technological. This volume contains the following contributions:

• Excavations at Buseirah, Crystal-M. Bennett

• The Late Bronze and Iron Age Sites of the Wadi el Hasa Survey 1979, Burton MacDonald

• Social-Religious Distinctions in Iron Age Burial Practice in Jordan, Khair Yassine

• Painted Pottery of Tayma and Problems of Cultural Chronology in Northwest Arabia, Garth Bawden

• The Edomite Pottery, M.F. Oakeshott

• The Midianite Pottery, Beno Rothenberg

• A Laboratory Reconstruction of Late Bronze–Early Iron Age Copper Smelting in the Arabah, John F. Merkel

• The meaning of Barzel in the Biblical Expressions “Chariots of Iron” and “Yoke of Iron,” John F.A. Sawyer

• The United Campaign against Moab in 2 Kings 2:4–27, John R. Bartlett

• Midianites and Ishmaelites, Ernst A. Knauf

• The Midianite Arc in Joshua and Judges, Elizabeth J. Payne

Author Bio

David J. A. Clines concentrates his studies on Hebrew lexicography and contemporary literary approaches to the Hebrew Bible. He studied classical languages in Sydney, Semitic Languages in Cambridge, and was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Amsterdam.

Clines is emeritus professor of biblical studies at the University of Sheffield where he previously served as head of the department for seven years. Clines also served as president of the Society for Old Testament Study, publisher and director at Sheffield Academic Press for 25 years, and president of the Society of Biblical Literature.

Clines has authored and edited several publications including Interested Parties: The Ideology of Writers and Readers of the Hebrew Bible, On the Way to Postmodern, Esther Scroll: The Story of the Story, and The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew.