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In this easy-to-read, concise booklet, you’ll find the most important passages from Cardinal Ratzinger’s books, essays, papers, speeches, and public statements on Catholic theology, morality, and the role of the Church in the world today. It also answers the spurious charges made against him and uses his past writings to give a fascinating look at Ratzinger.


• A brief biographical sketch of Ratzinger

• The real reasons for Ratzinger’s membership in the Hitler Youth and his role in the German army during World War II

• The pope’s relations with Judaism

• The differences between John Paul II’s and Benedict’s governing styles

• Why Pope Benedict chose the name Benedict

• Pope Benedict’s administrative style

• What Benedict thinks about another Vatican council

• Benedict’s thoughts on the Eucharist, the liturgy, ecumenism, inter-religious dialogue, evolution, divorced and remarried Catholics, and Catholic education

• Pope Benedict’s vision for Christianity’s future

Author Bio

Jimmy Akin (born 1965) is a Catholic apologist for Catholic Answers who has authored several books on Catholic apologetics, evangelization, liturgy, and controversial issues. He is also a primary contributor to This Rock magazine and has appeared on radio and television defending and explaining the Catholic faith.