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Published over the span of fifteen years, Jean Henri Merle d’Aubigne’s 8-volume History of the Reformation in Europe in the Time of Calvin offers a sweeping history of the second generation of the Reformation. D’Aubigne not only conceived of the Reformation in theological and ecclesiastical terms, but defined it as a watershed moment for all of human history. His 8-volume history of the Reformation describes not only theological and ecclesiastical reform, but also the implication of the Reformation on culture, the arts, philosophy, and science in the centuries which followed.

Although John Calvin figures prominently in the History of the Reformation in Europe in the Time of Calvin, this work is not autobiographical. Instead, Jean Henri Merle d’Aubigne uses Calvin’s life and the church in Geneva to narrate the comprehensive scope of religious reform during the sixteenth century. These books outline the people, places, and ideas which shaped the Reformation in France, England, Spain, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands. He argues that not only religious, but also political emancipation results from the Reformation, and explores the nature of religious freedom, political liberty, and the influence on human history in the three centuries following the Reformation.

The History of the Reformation in Europe in the Time of Calvin not only became a best-selling and widely praised account of the Reformation, but remains one of the most compelling and influential Reformation histories more than a century after its original publication. With Logos, you get access to these massive volumes with the power and speed of your digital library. Perform searches, create footnotes and citations, and click your way through one of the most comprehensive Reformation histories ever written! These volumes are ideal for Reformation scholars, church historians, and theologians.