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If you’ve ever been asked about your belief in the Eucharist, you know how hard it can be to clearly explain the Real Presence. You’ll get questions like:

• Why would Jesus have instructed his apostles to eat his real body and drink his real blood at the Last Supper? Isn’t that cannibalism?

• How could Jesus be actually present in the Eucharist? That seems impossible.

The fact is, though all Christians profess a belief in Jesus Christ, only Catholics believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. It’s a fact that’s quite disturbing to many Protestants—even to some Catholics. What can the Real Presence mean? How is it possible?

In The Hidden Jesus, you’ll find the answer to these and other questions such as:

• Is Christ necessary for attaining heaven?

• How is Christ present both spiritually and bodily on earth today?

• What did Jesus mean by the word remembrance?

• How do we know Christ is really present in the Eucharist?

• How do we know Christ spoke literally about his body and blood?

• Why did Jesus wait until the Last Supper to consecrate bread and wine?

• What did the Church Fathers say about the Eucharist?

Learn how to explain and defend the truth of the Eucharist with The Hidden Jesus.