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The Danielic Eschatological Hour in the Johannine Literature

The Danielic Eschatological Hour in the Johannine Literature

Stefanos Mihalios

| Bloomsbury | 2012

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Stefanos Mihalios examines the uses of “the hour” in the writings of John and demonstrates the contribution of Danielic eschatology to John’s understanding of this concept. Mihalios begins by tracing the notion of an eschatological time in the Old Testament within expressions such as “in that time” and “time of distress” which appear in the book of Daniel and relate to the Danielic eschatological hour. Mihalios finds that even within the Jewish tradition there exists an anticipation of the fulfillment of the Danielic eschatological time since the eschatological hour appears in the Jewish literature within contexts that allude to the Danielic end-time events. Mihalios then examines the Johannine eschatological expressions and themes that have their source in Daniel, finding evidence of clear allusions whenever the word “hour” arises. Through this examination, he concludes that, for the Johannine Jesus, use of the term “hour” indicates that the final hour of tribulation and resurrection, as it is depicted in Daniel, has arrived.


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