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The NEW AMERICAN STANDARD EXHAUSTIVE CONCORDANCE lends great flexibility to Bible study. Any verse in the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE UPDATE may be found even when the reference is unknown to the reader. It is also possible to determine which verses in the Bible contain a certain word (e.g. ‘love’ or ‘God’). The Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek for any listed word may be traced to find its general meaning and the ways in which it is translated in the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE UPDATE. All of this may be done through a convenient reference system which requires no knowledge of the original languages. This reference system is based on the same numbering system for Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek words as that of Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible (King James Version).

Although other concordances listing the various words and their occurrences can be created for any Bible version, such an extensive reference system as that found in the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD EXHAUSTIVE CONCORDANCE is most effective for a translation that is both accurate and literal. The NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE UPDATE meets these requirements. The NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE UPDATE, in addition to its smoothly-flowing style, dignity, and readability, offers a word-for-word literalness which makes direct comparisons with the original languages possible.

Author Bio

Robert L. Thomas (1928–), professor of New Testament at The Master's Seminary, has made several contributions as an author and editor, including the translation of the NASB. He studied at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Moody Bible Institute, Faith Seminary (where he took Greek classes after teaching himself the basics), and Dallas Theological Seminary. 


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