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Black's New Testament Commentary | BNTC (14 vols.)

Black’s New Testament Commentary presents a reliable and enlightening exposition of the New Testament for modern readers. Each commentary offers a paragraph-by-paragraph exposition based on the author’s own fresh translation of the biblical text.


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Library of Hebrew Bible / Old Testament Studies (LHBOTS) (382 vols.)

For over 40 years, the Library of Hebrew Bible / Old Testament Studies (formerly known as the Journal for the Study of Old Testament Series) has provided the foremost studies in Old Testament subjects. With unprecedented and highly-focused research, this unrivalled series expounds the Old Testament according to historical and theological perspectives, social-scientific and literary criticism, reception and cultural theories, and comparative mythological/religious studies. Authors like David J.A. Clines, David M. Gunn, Philip R. Davies, Lester L. Grabbe, and Eugene E. Carpenter show why the LHBOTS/JSOTS series has been one of the most respected sources for Old Testament scholarship. Stay on the cutting-edge of studies in Old Testament research—add this essential library to your Logos library today!


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Stanley E. Porter Language and Interpretation Collection (24 vols.)

Draw from a deep well of scholarly wisdom and linguistic expertise with the Stanley E. Porter Language and Interpretation Collection (24 vols.). As one of the world’s foremost experts in New Testament language and literature, Porter has been influencing NT studies as an author and editor for decades. This sizeable collection includes original works by Porter, six volumes from the well-respected Sheffield Reader Collection, as well as contributions from D.A. Carson, E.A. Nida, Craig A. Evans, and more. Students and scholars will appreciate volumes on discourse analysis, Greek idioms and rhetoric, the historical Jesus, translation and interpretation, the Synoptic Gospels, and resurrection studies.


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Gospel Origins Collection (5 vols.)

This collection highlights a number of fascinating issues concerning the books of Matthew, Mark and Luke. The five volumes investigate the poetic nature of the Beatitudes in Matthew, a political reading of Matthew, the earliest records of the Jesus’ teachings, the “Synoptic Problem,” and more.


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T&T Clark Karl Barth Collection (19 vols.)

These new volumes from T&T Clark on Karl Barth offer the latest scholarship on this massively important figure in Christian theology and biblical studies whose work continues to influence the church and the academy today. Barth, the Swiss pastor and Protestant systematician, was described by Pope Pius XII as the most important theologian since Thomas Aquinas. Barth continues to be a major influence on students, scholars, and preachers from every Christian tradition. His theology found its expression mainly through his closely reasoned 14-part magnum opus, Die Kirchliche Dogmatik, or Church Dogmatics. The Church Dogmatics, which took over 30 years to write, is regarded as one of the most important theological works of all time, and it represents the pinnacle of Barth’s achievements as a theologian. This collection of monographs provides helpful resources on Barth’s thought and influence, guides to his work, and in-depth analysis of his contributions to theological and biblical...


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Studies on Psalms (18 vols.)

Studies on Psalms contains 18 volumes of scholarship on the Psalms from today’s top Old Testament scholars. Some contributors, such as Norman Whybray, treat the Psalms—or groups of Psalms, such as the Psalms of lament—collectively, and examine the book of Psalms as a whole. Others, such as Donald K. Berry in his study of Psalm 18, examine individual Psalms in great detail. Together, this collection represents an important source of scholarly—yet accessible—study of the Psalms. Studies on Psalms will enrich your understanding of the Psalms, whether you preach regularly on the Psalms, use the Psalms in corporate worship, or simply want to study in greater depth some of the most honest expressions of praise, petition, and lament.


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Library of New Testament Studies: 2015 (LNTS) (35 vols.)

2015 was a banner year for the Library of New Testament Studies, featuring an array of fascinating titles, including Crucfixion and New Creation, Paul, Scribe, of Old and New, The Ritualized Revelation of the Messianic Age, Luke’s Christology of Divine Identity, and Children in Early Christian Narratives. Add every installment from the Library of New Testament Studies series published in 2015. You’ll be equipped to conduct cutting-edge research with 35 volumes of recent, critical, and influential scholarship on the Bible’s second testament. Cover the key developments in historical, cultural, linguistic, theological, and hermeneutical questions driving New Testament study. One of the oldest and most important monograph series on the New Testament ever produced, additions to The Library of New Testament Studies featured distinguished scholars such as Craig Evans, John Kloppenburg, and Urban C. von Wahlde as well as a number of young scholars whose work is already significantly...


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Studies in New Testament Greek and JSNTS Collection (17 vols.)

This collection is designed to aide the scholar and student alike to gain a deeper understanding of the New Testament. Two important methods are introduced—rhetorical criticism and discourse analysis—that are currently being utilized to investigate the use of words and phrases within the historical context in which they were written or spoken. The authors apply this methodology to the study of specific New Testament books and passages; for example, one author looks at James and the social world of early Christianity, while another examines four exegetical devices used for understanding a passage in 1 Timothy.


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T&T Clark Pauline Studies Collection (28 vols.)

These selected works, from the Library of New Testament Studies, represent some of the most up-to-date, in-depth, and authoritative research in Pauline studies and cover some of the most hotly debated topics in the field. Several volumes bring to light new research and proposals on Paul in the context of Second Temple Judaism and the Greco-Roman world. The New Perspective on Paul is also a major focus of several volumes in the collection, including a recent festschrift for James Dunn, which demonstrates his far-reaching influence in New Testament studies and especially as a pioneer of the New Perspective. Additional volumes present research on particular texts in the Pauline corpus and offer fresh exegesis on, and insights into, important topics like intertextuality, Paul’s use of the Old Testament in the New, Paul’s view of sexuality, ecclesiology, women, marriage, and more.


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Library of NT Studies: JSNTS on Paul (17 vols.)

This collection assembles some of the most penetrating investigations into the character and content of Paul’s epistles available. Surveying a variety of aspects of Pauline Christianity, it canvasses topics as diverse as Paul’s political motivations, community-identity construction, the prevalence of non-Pauline interpolations in the Epistles, scalometry’s relevance to Paul’s writings, and many other fascinating issues.


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Studies on David Collection (11 vols.)

The Studies on David Collection (11 vols.) discusses the relationship between King David and Saul and how their connection has an impact on the fate of Israel as covered in “How Are the Mighty Fallen?” by Barbara Green. Also covered is the correlation between Egypt, Palestine and Israel as the contact between these places was not as large as once thought and knowing this fact is important for anyone studying this period in history and has an impact to how it relates to us today


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Old Testament Hermeneutics Collection (18 vols.)

This collection is an in-depth presentation from prominent Biblical scholars on Old Testament hermeneutics. Featuring a broad range of topics, each author focuses on interpretation and literary criticism. There are eighteen academic volumes with over thirty leading contributors. Some of the exegetical topics covered include social and historical contexts, the use of color in Biblical literature, ideologies of readers and writers, hermeneutical ethics, different kinds of literary criticism, and the use of rhetoric in readings of the Old Testament.cription


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History of Old Testament Interpretation Collection (14 vols.)

This academic collection on Old Testament interpretation is jam-packed with over 4,000 pages of exegetical resources. History of Old Testament Interpretation Collection (14 Vols.) is an essential study of linguistics, biblical criticism, literary styles, textual criticism, translations, and contextual issues such as politics, culture, and society. This set also contains histories and case studies of Biblical studies on these topics. Other subjects covered include humor and creativity in the Old Testament. With over twenty authors and editors contributing, this collection boasts an impressive amount of biblical scholarship and study.


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