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MacArthur's Quick Reference Guide to the Bible

ISBN: 9781418591267

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There is a big difference between simply reading the Bible and studying the Bible well, so it transforms your life. That difference often boils down to having the right resources not just to read but to understand and apply what you are reading to your life.

In MacArthur's Quick Reference Guide to the Bible, noted pastor and teacher John MacArthur takes you through the key aspects of the Bible. This valuable companion to reading the Bible has been prepared to help you develop good Bible-reading habits and a better understanding of the depth and breadth of God's Word.

Filled with the fruit of decades of study and teaching MacArthur's Quick Reference Guide to the Bible is an essential tool for anyone who wants to seriously study the Bible deeply, faithfully, and effectively.

Resource Experts

For all 66 books in the Bible MacArthur's Quick Reference Guide to the Bible highlights:

  • Author and date, key people, and background and setting
  • Key words in the book, key aspects of how God’s character is illustrated, and how Christ can be found in that book
  • How to interpret each type of literature
  • Charts, timelines, and maps
  • Quick overview with a brief outline of contents
  • Historical notes about what else what happening in the world when the book was written
  • "Where to Find It" index of favorite passages and key Bible events, stories, and teachings
  • Concise doctrinal studies with biblical references and brief explanations
  • Index of people in the Bible
  • Topical Index
  • "How to Study the Bible" article
  • Quick overview with a brief outline of contents
  • Frequently asked questions about the book
  • Questions for reflection

Other valuable features include:

  • "How We Got the Bible" section
  • "How to Study the Bible" section
  • "Chronology of the Bible" section
  • Appendix with Quick Notes on Theology
  • Chronology of Old Testament Patriarchs and Judges
  • Chronology of Old Testament Kings and Prophets
  • Timeline of the Ministry of Jesus Christ
  • Index of Key Words

Top Highlights

“Jeremiah had invested forty years in warning his people of coming judgment. Both he and his message had been rejected” (Page 117)

“when the predicted calamities fell on the disbelieving people, Jeremiah responded with sorrow and compassion.” (Page 117)

“The Bible is the story of God’s redeeming His chosen people for His glory.” (Page xii)

“The Proverbs of Solomon contains a collection of 513 of the king’s sayings.” (Page 91)

“First, the writing had to have a recognized prophet or apostle as its author (or one associated with them, as in the case of Mark, Luke, Hebrews, James, and Jude). Second, the writing could not disagree with or contradict previous Scripture. Third, the writing had to have general consensus by the church as an inspired book.” (Page xviii)

  • Title: MacArthur’s Quick Reference Guide to the Bible
  • Author: John F. MacArthur
  • Edition: Student ed.
  • Publisher: W Publishing
  • Print Publication Date: 2001
  • Logos Release Date: 2003
  • Pages: 364
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subject: Bible › Criticism, interpretation, etc
  • ISBNs: 9781418591267, 1418591262
  • Resource ID: LLS:23.0.11
  • Resource Type: Monograph
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2022-09-28T19:58:36Z
John F. MacArthur

John MacArthur (b. 1939) is a Calvinist theologian, author, editor, and teacher. He is a popular conference speaker and the president of both The Master's College and The Master's Seminary. He has also served as pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California since 1969. Best known for his expository exegesis of the Bible, Logos has collected more than 3,000 of his sermons in the John MacArthur Sermon Archive and offers the complete MacArthur New Testament Commentary.

MacArthur’s pulpit ministry extends around the globe through his media ministry, Grace to You. In addition to producing daily radio programs for nearly 2,000 English and Spanish radio outlets worldwide, Grace to You distributes books, software, and CDs by John MacArthur. He has written hundreds of books and study guides, including the bestselling John MacArthur Essential Bible Study Library and the MacArthur Study Bible. He is also the author of notable titles like Different by Design and Twelve Ordinary Men.


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  1. Paul Timm

    Paul Timm


  2. Brent D

    Brent D


  3. Kiyah



    If you already have MacArthur's Handbook you don't need this, the Handbook has all the same information that's in here (verbatim) plus more. This is like a skeleton of the Handbook.
  4. Chad



  5. Josh Jones

    Josh Jones


    I think this book was very clear and concise which is exactly what I was looking for. It is a great resource if you would like to get a basic snapshot of each book of the Bible prior to reading it. I also really enjoy how it points out Christ and the references to Christ in each book as well. Its different than a bible handbook in the amount of detailed information given, but if you are looking for a nice bible study companion, I really use this resource for that. (Plus the price isn't too bad either).
  6. Forrest Cole

    Forrest Cole


  7. Jared Friesen

    Jared Friesen


  8. Enrique Sarria

    Enrique Sarria


  9. Conrad Conde

    Conrad Conde


  10. Reg Givens

    Reg Givens


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Save $6.25 (25%)