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The Septuagint in Context: Introduction to the Greek Version of the Bible

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This translation of the second—revised and expanded—Spanish edition of The Septuagint in Context deals fully with the origins of the Septuagint. The book discusses its linguistic and cultural frame, its relation to the Hebrew text and to the Qumran documents, the transmission of the Septuagint, and its reception by Jews and Christians. Included are discussions of early revisions by Aquila, Symmachus and Theodotion, the Christian recensions and particularly Origen's Hexapla, biblical commentaries and catenae, as well as other issues such as the relation of the Septuagint to Hellenism, to the New Testament and to Early Christian Literature.

While there was a time not too long ago when introductory texts on the Septuagint were few and far between, the past decade has seen a blossoming in the study of the LXX and several scholars have filled what was formerly a large gap in introductory texts for nearly a century. In 2000, Natalio Fernández Marcos led the way in the revitalization of Septuagint studies with his The Septuagint in Context: Introduction to the Greek Version of the Bible.

The Septuagint in Context will prove particularly useful to biblical scholars and students of theology, ancient history and philology, and also to those interested in the history of Judaism and the origins of Christianity.

  • Thorough introduction to the Septuagint
  • Essential discussions of the relationship between the Greek and Hebrew text
  • The Linguistic and Cultural Setting
  • The Origins of the Septuagint
  • The Septuagint in Jewish Tradition
  • The Septuagint in Christian Tradition
  • The Septuagint and Christian Origins
[The Septuagint in Context is] the best available description and evaluation of current research.

—Karen Jobes and Moisés Silva, Invitation to the Septuagint

...a volume that is not only the most comprehensive available, but sets a new standard for Septuagint studies.

—Peter J. Gentry, The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology, 2004

It is a pleasure to have an English version of this Introduction - "the most thorough and up-to-date summary and evaluation of current scholarly work" (Jobes and Silva). May it receive the wide acclaim it deserves.

—A. Hilhorst, Journal for the Study of Judaism, 2002

  • Title: The Septuagint in Context: Introduction to the Greek Version of the Bible
  • Author: Natalio Fernandez Marcos
  • Translator: Wilfred G. E. Watson
  • Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers
  • Publication Date: 2000
  • Pages: 394

Natalio Fernández Marcos, Ph.D. (1970) in Classical Philology, University of Madrid (Complutense), is Research Professor at the Institute of Philology, where he was Director (1988-1992). He has published extensively on the Septuagint and Hellenistic Judaism including Scribes and Translators: Septuagint and Old Latin in the Books of Kings (Brill, 1994) and El texto antioqueno de la Biblia griega (CSIC 1989-1996).


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    O. Normann Sæterlid

    about 7 years ago

    I have a growing doubt upon Logos - a rip off project - the prices you operate with is totally out of line. I can get a printed book for half this price, so I went for a free ebook copy - since the only available. After spending the most expensive issue of Logos program one should think the project had in mind of continuing giving us good prices, apart from enticing offers but usually of little study value in apologetic studies. So you have adapted the salesman tactic, sell the car for a good price and rip them off when they need spare parts. I have stopped looking and the Logos is not up to the expectation when I bought it. Yours in Christ. O Normann S.


Digital list price: $66.99
Save $13.00 (19%)