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The New Testament: An Expanded Translation

, 1961
ISBN: 9780802808820


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Unlike other versions of the New Testament, this translation uses as many English words as are necessary to bring out the richness, force, and clarity of the Greek Text. Intended as a companion to, or commentary on, the standard translations, Wuest's "expanded translation" follows the Greek word order and especially reflects emphases and contrasts indicated by the original text.

It is hoped that this expanded translation will give the reader a clearer understanding of certain words used in previous translations. Some of these words are not the translation of the Greek word but its transliteration. Take, for example, the word “blasphemy” in the phrase “the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost.” This word is not itself an English word but merely a word formed by substituting English letters for Greek. Therefore, the translation here given renders the famous phrase thus: “impious and reproachful speech injurious to the divine majesty of the Holy Ghost.” Another example is Romans 6:3 (“baptized into Jesus Christ”), where “baptized” is a transliteration rather than a translation. The translation here given is: “placed in Jesus Christ.”

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Most Highlighted Verses in The New Testament: An Expanded Translation

John 15:1–4: I, in contradistinction to anyone else, am the vine, the genuine vine, and my Father is the tiller of the soil. Every branch in me not bearing fruit He takes away. And every branch bearing fruit, He cleanses it in order that it may keep on bearing more fruit. As for you, already you are cleansed ones because of the word which I have spoken to you. Maintain a living communion with me, and I with you. Just as the branch is unable to be bearing fruit from itself as a source unless it remains in a living union with the vine, so neither you, unless you maintain a living communion with me.

Romans 8:5–8: For those who are habitually dominated by the sinful nature put their minds on the things of the sinful nature, but those who are habitually dominated by the Spirit put their minds on the things of the Spirit. For to have the mind dominated by the sinful nature is death, but to have the mind dominated by the Spirit is life and peace; because the mind dominated by the sinful nature is hostile to God, for it does not marshall itself under the command of the law of God, neither is it able to. Moreover, those who are in the sphere of the sinful nature are not able to please God.

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  • Title: The New Testament: An Expanded Translation
  • Author: K. S. Wuest
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Publication Date: 1961
  • Pages: 641

K. S. Wuest (1893–1962) was a noted New Testament Greek scholar and professor at the Moody Bible Institue in Chicago, publishing over a dozen books on the New Testament. In addition to his own translations, he is credited as one of the translators of the original New American Standard Bible (NASB). Wuest is often cited as an influential Evangelical and Dispensationalist scholar.

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  1. Formella, Jesse
    Wow, great insight and helps me to have a better understanding on Scripture. Defiantly a great study tool to help you with knowing the Bible better.

  2. Hugo Sørli

    Hugo Sørli


    Get it. I also recommend wuest word studies

  3. Erv Thomas

    Erv Thomas


    Wuest is great!! He really does expand all the Greek words in this translation so you can get, about as close as possible, the full meaning of what was intended.

  4. Dr. Mark Richardson
  5. Lyle Johnstone


Print list price: $29.00
Save $9.01 (31%)