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The Works of Edward Polhill

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Edward Polhill was a well-known Puritan author who lived in England in the 1600s whose writings focused on theology and principles of the Bible. Polhill’s writings are an invaluable addition to your library.

The content covered is still pertinent and beneficial. Each section starts with a letter to the Christian reader, which gives background to the information covered in the upcoming segments. Reading the introduction at the beginning of each section gives insight to the depth of his care and heart for the Christian believer.

Topics such as God’s self sufficiency, God’s love and mercy, the power of God manifested in Christ, the truth of God manifested in Christ, God’s providence asserted from Scripture, grace as the foundation of God’s love and the glory of God are just a few of the subjects discussed in The Works of Edward Polhill. Each essay by Polhill is a few pages in length, but filled with powerful and relevant information for living the Christian life. Polhill raises common questions of the Christian faith and answers them with in-depth research and practical answers.

The Logos Bible Software edition is taken from the 1844 edition of The Works of Edward Polhill.

  • Detailed Table of Contents
  • Each section includes a letter to the reader from Polhill
  • Essays written for easy reading
Everything of Polhill is evangelical and valuable.

—Cotton Mather, Puritan minister

  • Title: The Works of Edward Polhill
  • Author: Edward Polhill
  • Pages: 359

Edward Polhill was born in 1622 and was the son of a clergyman. While in school, Polhill studied law and was justice of the peace in Sussex. Polhill was most well known for writing with logic, and truthfulness in regards to the scriptures. Polhill died in 1694.


Digital list price: $12.49
Save $2.50 (20%)