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Preaching in the Contemporary World: BSB Level 3 [MIN 325]

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The purpose of this volume is to help preachers present life-changing messages that connect with the world around them. Preaching in the Contemporary World will focus on presenting messages that are true, clear, interesting, and relevant. Students will be challenged to present messages that are true to the intent and power of Scripture. The book will also examine the post-modern culture and offer help in making messages relevant to the needs and concerns of this audience.

This course may be taken for credit by enrolling with the Berean School of the Bible. For enrollment information, please call 1-800-443-1083.

Resource Experts
  • Berean School of Bible coursebook
  • Insight into relevant, scripturally sound preaching
  • Four units, each with interactive test questions

Top Highlights

“First, the shift from modern to postmodern means ministers will have to be firm in their commitment to biblical preaching and the authority of the Bible. Modernism says, ‘Prove it.’ Postmodernism says, ‘Do not push your opinions on me.’ Preachers will need to be committed to the Bible as their authority. Paul instructs Timothy, ‘Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction’ (2 Timothy 4:2). Ministers cannot dilute their message for the sake of making the message tolerable.” (Page 18)

“Rather than starting with a Christian worldview, preachers must now start with human needs. Preachers should start with something science cannot fix, something truth-searchers long to know. After identifying the need, ministers show the options that answer that need, with God being the best solution. Sermons cannot simply prove God; they must lead people to God.” (Page 18)

“Modernism is optimistic: human beings are essentially good, and the scientific advancements they make through reason and objectivity will only improve society and provide answers for the problems of the world.” (Page 17)

“Rather than allowing the text to determine the message, the preacher reverses the order and makes the text fit the message. This is called proof-texting.” (Page 36)

“Third, ministers have to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to make the gospel understandable, appealing, and acceptable.” (Page 18)

  • Title: Preaching in the Contemporary World
  • Authors: Doug Oss, Rochelle Cathcart, David Crosby
  • Publisher: Global University
  • Publication Date: 2006
  • Pages: 131

Doug Oss is Director of the Cordas C. Burnett Center for Biblical Preaching. He speaks and teaches regularly, and has written several articles and books.

Rochelle Cathcart is coauthor of Preaching in the Contemporary World.

David Crosby is coauthor of Preaching in the Contemporary World.


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