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Products>Luke 1:1-9:50 (Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament | BECNT)

Luke 1:1-9:50 (Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament | BECNT)

ISBN: 9781441250933
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In the first of two volumes on the Gospel of Luke, Darrell L. Bock offers students of the New Testament a substantive yet highly accessible commentary. With extensive research and thoughtful chapter-by-chapter exegesis, Bock leads readers through all aspects of the third Gospel--sociological, historical, and theological. The result is a guide that clearly and meaningfully brings the first part of this important New Testament book to life for contemporary readers.

Bock's two volumes on the Gospel of Luke are the inaugural volumes of the acclaimed BECNT series. As with all BECNT volumes, Luke features the author's own translation of the Greek text, detailed interaction with the original text, and a user-friendly design. This informative, balanced commentary also includes extensive introductory notes. It admirably achieves the dual aims of the series--academic sophistication with pastoral sensitivity and accessibility--making it a useful tool for students, professors, and pastors.

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“The combination of titles present here is unique. Savior, Christ, and Lord do not appear together in any other NT text.” (Page 216)

“What is revealed about Simeon is neither his vocation nor his age, but his spiritual condition. He was a devout believer in God.” (Page 238)

“When Jesus applies the passage to himself, he is saying that the present time is like the message of comfort that Isaiah brought to the nation. In fact, the totality of the deliverance that Isaiah described is now put into motion with Jesus’ coming. He is the Servant par excellence.” (Page 406)

“Thus, angels reveal to the shepherds through praise what the result of Jesus’ coming should mean. Heaven addresses earth about Jesus’ significance.” (Pages 219–220)

“The announcement is significant for three reasons. First, it explains (ὄτι, hoti, for) that the reason the message is good news and a cause for great joy is that a messianic Savior is born. This event is not a distant reality; it comes even now. Second, Luke repeats the note of fulfillment (2:4) that the birth occurs in the city of David. Third, the description of Jesus contains three key christological terms—Savior, Christ, and Lord.” (Page 216)

Each section of the text is addressed from a clearly organized series of perspectives. If there is such a thing as a user-friendly two-volume commentary on a single book, this is it!

—Craig L. Blomberg, Denver Seminary

This excellent commentary on the Lucan Gospel is massive, but well written, informative, and judicious. . . . It should be a boon for pastors, priests, seminarians, and all educated general readers interested in the interpretation of the Gospels. Bock has read widely, asks the right questions, and gives a balanced answer in his interpretation of this Gospel.

—Joseph A. Fitzmyer, SJ, Catholic University of America

Darrell L. Bock

Dr. Darrell L. Bock, research professor of New Testament studies and professor of spiritual development and culture at Dallas Theological Seminary, serves as editor-at-large forChristianity Today, and is on the board of Chosen People Ministries and Wheaton College. From 2000 to 2001, Dr. Bock served as president of the Evangelical Theological Society.

He has earned international recognition as a Humboldt Scholar for his work in Luke-Acts, historical Jesus study, biblical theology, as well as with messianic Jewish ministries. He has published articles in the Los Angeles Times and The Dallas Morning News and is a well-known author of over 30 books. His publications include Studying the Historical Jesus: A Guide to Sources and Methods,Jesus According to Scripture, an NIV Application Commentary on Luke, Breaking the Da Vinci Code, and commentaries on Acts and Luke in the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (BECNT) series.


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  1. Scott Maze

    Scott Maze


  2. Will Robbins

    Will Robbins


    The best commentary on Luke hands down. While I do not agree with Bock on his dispensationalism, I do appreciate that this does not heavily impact this work. He is an honest exegete and the premier exegete on Luke in our times. Regardless of whether you come to the same conclusions, Bock will provide you with sound reasoning on each view of a difficult passage. The Additional Notes are a resource in themselves for more serious students and pastors. I am thankful for all the hard work he has done to make his Lukan studies so accessaable. The Baker layout brings the best to the table of Bock's profound studies.
  3. Arturo Kim

    Arturo Kim


  4. L Child

    L Child


  5. Philipp Hauck

    Philipp Hauck


  6. Philip Chung

    Philip Chung


  7. Charlie Carter
  8. Ricardo de Paula Meneghelli
  9. Chung-Ru, Wang
  10. Ernest



    Great stuff!! Great insights. With this you don't need any other Jewish Bible/Background commentary.