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The Holy Rule

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St. Benedict is hailed as the father of the monastic tradition in Western Christianity. His Rule has remained the foundation and structure of Western monasticism for nearly fifteen centuries. Benedict’s Rule contains seventy-three guidelines for living in an ascetic community. The themes cover include: the monk’s involvement with the outside world, the appropriate treatment of guests, and the nature of authority with the community.

  • Seventy-three guidelines for living in an ascetic community
  • Themes include monk's involvement with the outside world, appropriate treatment of guests, and the nature of authority with the community

Top Highlights

“The third degree of humility is, for a monk, to submit himself, with all obedience, to his superior, for the love of God” (Page 35)

“The tenth grade of humility is, for a person not to be over ready for, or much given to laughter” (Page 39)

“Accordingly, he who is appointed to the Abbatial office should instruct his subjects by a two-fold manner of preaching; that is, he should teach them all that is good and holy, more by his deeds than by his words. To such as are well disposed, or of good understanding, he should announce the law of God verbally; but to those of weak capacity and to the hard-hearted, he should preach it by his works.” (Page 15)

“Let us, therefore, prepare ourselves to fight, heart and hand, beneath the standard of holy obedience to His precepts; and, to this end, let us beseech Him to strengthen our weakness by the assistance of His grace.” (Page 9)

“Hearken, O Son, to the precepts of thy Master, and bend to Him the ear of thy heart: receive also with pleasure, and faithfully comply with the admonitions of a loving Father, that by pursuing the toilsome path of obedience, thou mayest return to Him, from whom thou hast departed, by following the broad and easy way of disobedience.” (Page 5)

  • Title: The Holy Rule
  • Author: St. Benedict of Nursia
  • Translator: a Priest of Mount Melleray
  • Publisher: Thomas Richardson and Son
  • Publication Date: 1865
  • Pages: 134

St. Benedict of Nursia is honored by the Roman Catholic church as the patron saint of Europe and he founded multiple communities just outside of Rome for monks. He lived from 480 A.D.–547 A.D.


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Digital list price: $5.99
Save $1.00 (16%)