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Preaching from the Inside Out

, 1992


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Bugg calls for a new emphasis on the spiritual vitality of the preacher. For him, preaching is more than a craft or an art or even a profession. It is more than the shaping of some words to entertain or dazzle. Preaching must grow out from the pastor’s personal experience with the Word of God. The preacher stands inside the faith, and it is from there the preacher is able to communicate to those who listen. The key word in preaching for Bugg is relationship. He strongly confirms that preaching cannot be separated from what a minister is. A sermon is not something one merely gets up and does, it is to be lived out in the preacher.

  • Title: Preaching from the Inside Out
  • Author: Charles Bugg
  • Publisher: Broadman and Holman
  • Publication Date: 1992
  • Pages: 144

Charles Bugg received his Ph.D from Southern Seminary in Kentucky, and was the Carl E. Bates Professor of Preaching there. In August, 2005, he was installed as dean of the M. Christopher White School of Divinity at Gardner-Webb University. He has been the pastor of a number of churches, including the First Baptist Church in Augusta, GA. He is the author of Getting on Top When Life Gets Us Down. He is a sought after speaker in churches, state, and national meetings, and brings years of preaching and pastoral experience to this book.


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  1. Wei Qiang

    Wei Qiang


  2. Graham Criddle
    I found it an immensely powerful and challenging book. While there is some discussion on preaching content, preparation and style the major emphasis (particularly in the earlier part of the book) is on the transformation the text we are preaching on should have on us before we preach it – and how this should impact our preaching. There are three parts in the book: 1. Preaching from inside our context 2. Preaching from inside the text 3. Preaching from inside the Gospel It makes some key points for preachers: - that preaching should grow out of our relationship with God and what He is doing in us - before preaching a sermon, we need to allow it to change our own lives - preaching that is not Biblical is impotent, preaching that is not connected to the lives of its listeners is irrelevant - when preaching, we need to believe that God can use what we say to change lives


Digital list price: $15.99
Save $3.00 (18%)