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His Names Are Wonderful: Getting to Know God through His Hebrew Names
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His Names Are Wonderful: Getting to Know God through His Hebrew Names

by ,

Messianic Jewish Publishers 2005

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What's in a name? In the Western world, names are often chosen because they're cute or because parents hope their children might aspire to be like a namesake, perhaps even a Bible figure. Yet, names in the Bible were often chosen to communicate something about a person… especially God's names. In Hebrew thought, a name did more than identify a person; it revealed their identity. God's identity is expressed not in one name, but in many. In Exodus 3:13­22, Moses asks God what his "name" is. Was he merely asking what he should call God? No—he was asking, "Who are you? Describe yourself." And God did just that, offering Moses a wonderful description, not just of his name, but of his nature.

This book uncovers the treasures in God's names, grouping 140 names into eight sections: Almighty, Father, Redeemer, Shepherd, Spirit, Truth, Defender, Faithful. Each page includes the English name, the Hebrew name, an English transliteration, inspiring devotional thoughts, and relevant Scripture passages from the Complete Jewish Bible. Included is an introduction by Daniel Juster, Th.D., executive director of Tikkun International.

Product Details

  • Title: His Names Are Wonderful: Getting to Know God Through His Hebrew Names
  • Authors: Elizabeth L. Vander Meulen and Barbara D. Malda
  • Publisher: Messianic Jewish Publishers
  • Publication Date: 2005
  • Pages: 160

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