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Paul, the Interpreter of Christ


This volume supplements Robertson’s life story as told in Epochs in the Life of Paul, and explores the various aspects of Paul’s life and teaching which have inspired present-day interest. Paul, the Interpreter of Christ includes chapters on Paul and the sacraments, the church in Corinth, ecclesiastical independence and unity, Paul’s missionary efforts, and the relationship between Paul and Greek culture.

  • Title: Paul, the Interpreter of Christ
  • Author: A. T. Robertson
  • Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
  • Publication Date: 1915
  • Pages: 155
Archibald Thomas Robertson

A. T. Robertson (1863–1934) was a renowned scholar and a terrific preacher. He was educated at Wake Forest University and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. In 1892, Robertson was appointed professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where he taught until 1934.

Robertson was a founding member of the Baptist World Congress, now known as the Baptist World Alliance. Throughout his incredible life, Archibald Thomas Robertson wrote 41 books ranging from grammars to simple character studies.

His books are still used today and his publications available in Logos include Practical and Social Aspects of Christianity: The Wisdom of James, Studies in Mark's Gospel, The Divinity of Christ in the Gospel of John, and A Harmony of the Gospels. Also available from Logos is the A. T. Robertson Collection (15 vols.), which includes a number of Robertson’s grammars, commentaries, lectures, and sermons.