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The Whole Works of James Ussher (18 vols.)

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One of the most important biblical scholars and theologians of the seventeenth century, James Ussher has made a recent resurgence in Christian literature with the reprinting of his books. Ussher’s writings influenced generations of Christian thought and his research and scholarly work earned high praise—even from those opposed to his ideas. An expert on the writings of the early Church Fathers, Ussher had a giant impact on the Westminster Assembly and Reformation theology. The Whole Works of the Most Rev. James Ussher (18 vols.) contains his most important works, some in their original Latin.

One of Ussher’s most famous works, Annales Veteris Testamenti, was his attempt to recount the history of the world from creation until 70 AD. A controversial subject now, chronological studies of this kind were common for that era—and Ussher produced one of the most well-sourced, fascinating history books from a Christian framework that is still cherished today. Likewise, Ussher’s A Body of Divinity has reemerged as a powerful book for many Christians: its question-and-answer format creates an engaging and practical guidebook for the Christian faith. Just two of the 18 remarkable volumes contained in this collection, The Whole Works of the Most Rev. James Ussher (18 vols.) is packed with spiritual insights and early English and Irish Church history.

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  • Biography of James Ussher
  • Noted works presented in their original Latin
  • Over 10,000 pages of historical, theological, and spiritual insights
Archbishop James Ussher was a leader par excellence among the Irish Puritans. His colorful history is inseparable from that of Irish Christianity and from major events transpiring simultaneously in England and Scotland. Ussher's range of achievements are outstanding, including ancient languages, patristics, ancient and Irish history, theology, and chronology.

—Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

Reformed believers have unknowingly stood on the theological shoulders of Ussher. He was an instrumental figure among the Irish Puritans.

—Online reviewer

All in all, this is excellent work that deserves a much wider audience in contemporary Christianity. With the resurgence of Puritan studies, now is the time to begin seriously studying those that shaped the minds of the Puritans themselves.

—Online reviewer

Raised in a Bible-believing Calvinistic environment, Dr. Ussher soaked himself in the Holy Scriptures without ceasing. He also read the Early Church Fathers systematically, every day, for eighteen years. Head of Ireland's foremost Theological Faculty, Ussher was internationally the greatest Anglican antiquarian and theologian of his age, if not of all time.

—Dr. Francis Nigel Lee

  • Title: The Whole Works of James Ussher (18 Vols.)
  • Author: James Ussher
  • Publisher: Hodges, Smith, and Co.
  • Volumes: 18
  • Pages: 10,183
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James Ussher (1581–1656) was born in Dublin, Ireland. He was a professor of theological controversies at Trinity College, Dublin, where he advanced in office from bachelor of divinity to doctor of divinity to vice-chancellor, and finally to vice-provost. James I nominated him Bishop of Meath in 1621. In 1625, he succeeded Christopher Hampton as Archbishop of Armagh. A prolific writer, he produced dozens of works in Latin and English over his long and successful career.


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  1. Leon Barbee

    Leon Barbee


    James Ussher is the prince of Biblical chronology according to Dr Floyd Nolen Jones, who is one of the top Biblical chronologists of today. Ussher did his work back in 1650s and was amazingly accurate based on his research through ancient manuscripts available back in those days. I would call Archbishop Ussher the King of chronologists as he was a leading researching putting dates to the events in the Bible. I've been studying Bible chronology since my freshman year in college back in 1960 and then assigning world history so I could understand what was going on in the rest of the world as the Bible unfolds God's story for all of us.
  2. Christopher Gibbs
    Didn't like it. The one book I was really interested in is written in Latin.
  3. Allan Story

    Allan Story


  4. Mr. Youngblood
  5. M. David Johnson
  6. Randy Lane

    Randy Lane


  7. Kevin O'Malley
  8. Nils Dybdal Holthe
  9. AeliusCicero



  10. Joshua Daniel Simmons


Collection value: $219.82
Save $111.83 (50%)
Payment plans available in cart