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Understanding the Word: Essays in Honor of Bernhard W. Anderson

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Bernhard W. Anderson made a notable contribution to Old Testament theology during his lifetime, inspiring hundreds of students with his sound biblical teachings, as well as his lucid and comprehensive theological writings. This collection of essays in honor of Anderson is composed of the writings from nearly twenty distinguished biblical scholars. In a tribute to Anderson's wide scope of theological experience, the contributing theologians come from varied backgrounds, and include well-loved authors Walter Brueggemann, Roland E. Murphy, and Walther Zimmerli.

Easily referenced in Logos Bible Software, this essay compilation demonstrates principles of interpreting the Bible, and breaks up the essays into four main subject headings: Interpreting the Word, The Word and Israel's Scriptures, The Word and the World, and Appropriating the Word. When utilizing these writings in electronic format, searching will be a breeze. 

Key Features

  • Collected writings on comprehension and interpretation of the Bible
  • Index of the writings of Bernhard W. Anderson
  • Essays from nearly twenty theologians


  • "Imagination as a Mode of Fidelity," by Walter Brueggemann
  • "Biblical Theology: Situating the Discipline," by Ben C. Ollenburger
  • "The Song of Songs: Critical Biblical Scholarship Vis-á-vis Exegetical Traditions," by Roland E. Murphy
  • "Reuben and Judah: Duplicates or Complements?" by Hugh C. White
  • "The Community as King in Second Isaiah," by Edgar W. Conrad
  • "Lot: A Foil in the Abraham Saga," by George W. Coats
  • "Theological and Redactional Problems in Numbers 20:2-13," by Katharine Doob Sakenfeld
  • "Amos 6:1-7," by J.J.M Roberts
  • "Rahab and the Conquest," by Murray L. Newman
  • "Conflict in Ancient Israel and Its Resolution," by Paul D. Hanson
  • "The Old Testament's Understanding of History in Relation to that of the Enlightenment," by Claus Westermann
  • "The Other Woman: A Literary and Theological Study of the Hagar Narratives," by Phyllis Trible
  • "The 'Land' in the Pre-exilic and Early Post-exilic Prophets," by Walther Zimmerli
  • "Barth and Bloch on Job: A Conflict of Interpretation," by Daniel L. Migliore
  • "The Word of God and the People of Asia," by D. Preman Niles
  • "Romans and Galatians: Comparison and Contrast," by J. Paul Sampley
  • "Messiah and the People of God," by Howard Clark Kee
  • "Paul's Letter to the Romans as a Model for Biblical Theology: Some Preliminary Observations," by J. Christiaan Beker

Product Details

  • Title: Understanding the Word: Essays in Honor of Bernhard W. Anderson
  • Editors: James T. Butler, Edgar W. Conrad, and Ben C. Ollenburger
  • Publisher: JSOT Press
  • Publication Date: 1985
  • Pages: 395

About Bernhard W. Anderson

Bernhard W. Anderson studied at the Pacific School of Religion, then received a PhD in Old Testament Studies at Yale. He pastored at various churches throughout the United States, and taught at many colleges, including Colgate University, University of North Carolina, Colgate Rochester Divinity School, Theological School of Drew University, and Princeton Theological Seminary. A prolific author, Anderson wrote Understanding the Old Testament, published in 1957, as well as many articles. The most well-known of his published articles may be "Politics and the Transcendent: Voegelin's Philosophical and Theological Exposition of the Old Testament in the Context of the Ancient Near East." His greatest contributions to the world of academia have been in the field of Old Testament theology. He died in 2007.

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