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Dictionary of the Apostolic Church (2 vols.)


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Edited by Biblical scholar James Hastings, Dictionary of the Apostolic Church (2 Vols.) contains all definitions of people, places, and theological terms from the book of Acts to the book of Revelation. With over 1,500 pages of summaries, maps, and abbreviations, there are over 100 Biblical scholars and pastors supplying the essays. More of an encyclopedia, this collection is the perfect resource for teachers, pastors, and anyone wanting a thorough yet concise summary of New Testament themes. The entries are easy to read yet theologically sound.

Like the other works of Hastings, this compilation seeks to aid pastors and general Bible readers in understanding Scripture. Dictionary of the Apostolic Church (2 Vols.) is an ideal resource along with Hastings’s A Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels (2 Vols.). Available as separate titles, they provide a comprehensive guide to the entire New Testament.

Resource Experts
  • Over 1,500 pages
  • Compilation from over 100 scholars
  • Contains maps, bibliographies, and summaries

Top Highlights

“Out of Judaism he pictured the Antichrist as coming” (Volume 2, Page 7)

“ the Apocalypse is more permeated than any other book in the NT with the idea of the Antichrist.” (Volume 1, Page 68)

“ had developed before the time of Christ into a full-grown Antichrist legend of a hostile counterpart of the Messiah” (Volume 1, Page 67)

“the man of lawlessness to be anti-Christian Judaism coming to a head in the person of a pseudo-Messiah” (Volume 2, Page 7)

“Hope may be defined as desire of future good, accompanied by faith in its realization. The object both of faith and of hope is something unseen. Faith has regard equally to past, present, or future, while no doubt in Scripture referring mainly to the future. Hope is directed only to the future. Expectation differs from hope in referring either to good or evil things, and therefore lacks the element of desire’ (J. S. Banks in HDB, s.v.).” (Volume 1, Page 583)

  • Title: Dictionary of the Apostolic Church (2 Vols.)
  • Publisher: Charles Scribner’s Sons
  • Volumes: 2
  • Pages: 1,506

James Hastings (1852–1922) was a Scottish Presbyterian minister and theologian and the editor of many biblical works. He studied at the University of Aberdeen and the Free Church Divinity College. In 1884, he was ordained a Free Church minister. Born in Huntly, Aberdeenshire, he studied the classics at the University of Aberdeen and attended the Free Church Divinity College in Aberdeen. He was the founder and editor of the Expository Times





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Digital list price: $24.99
Save $5.00 (20%)