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Studies In The Sermon On Mount

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The author's series on Matthew 5-7, first presented at God's Bible School in Cincinnati in 1907, serves to enlarge our understanding of Jesus' teaching about what His life really means in the believer's experience. For Chambers, the Christian life is authenticated when the indwelling Spirit applies the principles of Christ to the particular circumstances of the believer. Consistent with all his works, the author reminds us in these studies that our focus must be on God alone and not on those among whom we live.

  • Title: Studies in the Sermon on the Mount
  • Author: Oswald Chambers
  • Publisher: Marshall, Morgan & Scott
  • Print Publication Date: 1960
  • Logos Release Date: 2001
  • Language: English
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  • Format: Digital > Logos Edition
  • Subjects: Christian life; Sermon on the Mount
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