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Studies on Genesis (11 vols.)

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Genesis is a book about origins—about the beginning. It describes God’s act of creation, the fall of humanity, and the early history of humanity. It sets the framework for the entire biblical narrative and for all of redemptive history. The important position of Genesis in the history of biblical interpretation and Christian theology has aroused controversy: When was Genesis written, and who wrote it? Does Genesis describe literal events, or do the stories have their source in folklore or myth? What do the various interpretations of Genesis reveal about modern readers of the Bible?

The volumes in Studies on Genesis combine thoughtful, challenging, and—at times—provocative research on the book of Genesis from biblical scholars, historians, and textual scholars. Each volume represents years of original research—some are adaptations of dissertations and theses; others result from groundbreaking conferences or symposia on topics related to Genesis. The resulting collection combines some of the most significant scholarship on Genesis from the past decade. It includes Roger Syrén’s study of firstborn narratives, Ron Pirson’s analysis of dreams in Genesis, Weston W. Fields’ study of Sodom and Gomorrah in the context of biblical narrative, and many others. In addition to several book-length studies, this collection also contains edited volumes with more than 25 contributions from a variety of scholarly and interpretive traditions.


With the Logos Bible Software edition, all Scripture references are linked to the original language texts and the English Bibles in your library. By employing the advanced search features in Logos, you can find the exact topics, Scripture references, and subjects you’re looking for. With Logos, every word is essentially a link. All references to the text of Genesis are automatically linked to Hebrew texts and English Bible translations. Clicking on any word in any language—Hebrew, Ugaritic, Akkadian, Arabaic, English, and more—opens your preferred dictionary and automatically locates the exact entry you’re looking for. That makes the Logos edition the most accurate and efficient way to study the book of Genesis.

Studies on Genesis is a vital addition to the libraries of biblical scholars—in particular, scholars who deal with textual, linguistic, interpretive, and historical questions related to Genesis. This collection will also benefit pastors who preach on Genesis, as well as students and laypersons studying particular themes in the book of Genesis.

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  • Landmark scholarship on the book of Genesis
  • All Scripture references linked to the original language texts and English Bibles in your library
  • Over 25 contributions from a variety of scholarly and interpretive traditions
  • Title: Studies on Genesis 
  • Volumes: 11
  • Pages: 3,635
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Collection value: $245.89
Save $73.90 (30%)
Payment plans available in cart