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Lexham Reverse Interlinear Vulgate Bible

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With this handy bundle you can bring reverse interlinear functionality to your study of the whole Vulgate Latin Bible and read both New and Old Testaments in light of the original languages. See how the Vulgate renders comparable Greek and Hebrew terms into Latin and establishes links between New- and Old-Testament concepts such as ‘grace,’ ‘justification,’ and ‘love.’

Complete morphological analysis of each Latin, Greek, and Hebrew word enables flexible searches that unlock the vocabulary and semantic range of the Latin translation as well as its Greek and Hebrew sources. Read the Scriptures as you have never read them before—look over Jerome’s shoulder and explore the correspondence between his monumental Latin translation and the original languages of the New and Old Testaments.

This collection will download as four resources and includes the following products:

  • Lexham Reverse Interlinear Vulgate: New Testament
  • Lexham Reverse Interlinear Vulgate: Old Testament
  • The Clementine Vulgate is a prerequisite resource for this reverse interlinear. The reverse interlinear tool operates as a functionality within the Clementine Vulgate and appears in that resource but does not include it. Don’t have the Clementine Vulgate? Order it today.

    The books of Judith and Tobit have no text alignment in this resource, as the versions from which they were translated are not extant.

    Resource Experts

    Key Features

    • Provides nine layers of interlinear data, including Hebrew and Greek manuscript text, lemmas, word roots, morphology, and Louw-Nida and Strong’s numbers
    • Includes more than 16,000 pages worth of text
    • Allows you to mix Latin, Hebrew, and Greek terms for powerful, flexible searches
    • Follows the Clementine edition of the Vulgate text
    • Uses the SBL Greek New Testament text, the Lexham Hebrew Bible text, and Swete’s edition of the Septuagint Psalms and deuterocanonical books

    Praise for Lexham Reverse Interlinear Vulgate Bible

    As a Scripture professor at a seminary that employs Latin texts constantly in the classroom and in the liturgy, I want to write a few words, because they have done something that no one (to my knowledge) has done before. I refer to the Lexham Latin-English Interlinear Vulgate, and the even more extraordinary Clementine Vulgate with reverse-interlinear Hebrew and Greek. The importance of Jerome’s Vulgate as perhaps the world’s most influential monument of Latin literature and as a window onto early Hebrew and Greek manuscripts of the Bible can hardly be overstated. With the presentation of these two tools, a new generation of students and scholars can discover the riches of this weighty Latin text in their own language, but also (which I find particularly enlightening) can become more familiar with Jerome’s mind, method, and insights as an early translator of the Hebrew and Greek Bible. Highly recommended.

    —Dr. Nathan Schmiedicke, Professor of Exegesis, Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary

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    About Andrew Curtis

    Andrew Curtis is a Latin language editor at Faithlife Corporation. In addition to earning BA degrees in German and politics from Hillsdale College, he has steeped himself in spoken and written Latin in a variety of contexts over the years. His greatest linguistic interest is the influence of Latin on the development of modern European languages and literary traditions.

    About Isaiah Hoogendyk

    Isaiah Hoogendyk received a BA in classical languages from Hope College and an MA in linguistics from Trinity Western University. He is a language editor for Logos Bible Software, contributing to such projects as the The English-Greek Reverse Interlinear Lexham English Septuagint, English-Greek Reverse Interlinear of the NRSV Apocryphal Texts, and Old Testament Greek Pseudepigrapha with Morphology.


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    1. John Doe

      John Doe


      Will it work with Biblia Sacra Vulgata (SESB) with Apparatus (2 vols.)?
    2. John Goodman

      John Goodman


      Go for it people this is an important resource!


    Collection value: $66.96
    Save $16.97 (25%)