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Corresponding Words Visual Filter

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Quickly discover key themes and ideas

The new Corresponding Words Visual Filter instantly identifies everywhere repetition occurs within any of your resources. Find all the places "love," "loves," and "loved" appear within a commentary or the biblical text simply by hovering over the word. Or find all the places a specific lemma, or root occurs within a biblical text. You can even see how the author of Jonah uses the phrase "go down" to highlight both Jonah's physical and spiritual descent from the presence of the Lord.

Corresponding Words Visual Filter allows you to . . .

  • Hover over a word and instantly view related words in the resource
  • Discover all the places a specific lemma, root, or sense occurs in a text
  • Discover key themes and ideas in the biblical text
  • Title: Corresponding words visual filter
  • Language: English
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  • Format: Digital › Courseware
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This product is not currently available to purchase.