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The Master Plan of Discipleship

ISBN: 9781441222299
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Explore the companion volume to Robert Coleman’s best-selling The Master Plan of Evangelism. In The Master Plan of Discipleship, Coleman searches the book of Acts for principles of church growth through evangelism and discipleship. He reveals that while specific procedures of evangelism and discipleship change over the years, the basic pattern of the Great Commission has remained unchanged since the apostolic age. The New Testament church’s principles for ministry are still valid and vital for the church today. Coleman discusses each of these principles in depth and shows you how to apply them—helping you discover a discipling lifestyle from the early church.

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Resource Experts
  • Explores principles of church growth through evangelism and discipleship
  • Discusses how the basic pattern of the Great Commission has remained unchanged
  • Unpacks the discipling lifestyle from the early church
  • The Vision to Fulfill
  • The People to Win
  • The Fellowship to Cherish
  • The Ministry to Give
  • The Discipline to Keep
  • The Power to Become

Top Highlights

“The answer lies in their seeing the Great Commission as a life-style encompassing the total resources of every child of God. Here the ministry of Christ comes alive in the day-by-day activity of discipling. Whether we have a ‘secular’ job or an ecclesiastical position, a Christ-like commitment to bring the nations into the eternal Kingdom should be a part of it.” (Page 12)

“The Great Commission is not a special calling or a gift of the Spirit; it is a command—an obligation incumbent upon the whole community of faith. There are no exceptions.” (Page 10)

“Discipling men and women is the priority around which our lives should be oriented.” (Page 9)

“How can we be the church of the Great Commission today? My conviction is that if making disciples of all nations is not the heartbeat of our life, something is wrong, either with our understanding of Christ’s church or our willingness to walk in His Way.” (Pages 16–17)

“Strangely, today we hear little about self-denial and suffering in all the talk about church growth. Is this because most of what has been said to date has come out of the Western world, where affluence abounds and church affiliation is a mark of social acceptance, if not good politics? Unwittingly, I am afraid, Christian discipleship has often been squeezed into this world’s mold, so that prosperity and success are more cherished than radical obedience. But it will not stand the test of time. When the standards of church membership are set by popular demand, eventually the church becomes so much like the world that there is no reason for the world to change. The very effort of the church to appease fleshly expectations makes her unattractive.” (Page 117)

I am grateful that Robert Coleman has shared his wealth of experience as a disciple maker with the Church at large. This book is the kind of tool we are constantly searching for in our church.

Frank R. Tillapauch, pastor, Bear Valley Baptist Church, Denver, Colorado

Dr. Coleman’s insights on the ministry of discipleship are both profoundly biblical and wonderfully practical.

—Paul Cedar, pastor, Lake Avenue Congregational Church, Pasadena, California

Robert Coleman, one of the most important voices for evangelism in America, has pointed the way to reach past the cynicism of modern secular man. The church has the message and the means to effect this change. Dr. Coleman has given us the method.

—Jess Moody, pastor, First Baptist Church of Van Nuys, California

Dr. Coleman has taught at Gordon-Conwell South Hamilton since 2001, after directing the School of World Mission and Evangelism at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School for 18 years. He is a popular preacher, speaker and teacher, averaging about 35 speaking engagements per year around the world. He speaks in churches, conferences and student gatherings on topics such as the theology of evangelism, the theory and practice of evangelism and the Great Commission. He has most recently spoken at the World Conference of the University Bible Fellowship at Purdue University, conferences in the Ukraine, China, Uraguay and Ethiopia and at churches both in the U.S. and abroad. Widely known for his ministry as a disciple-maker and evangelist, Dr. Coleman currently serves on the Mission America Facilitation Committee and several international mission boards and is the president of Christian Outreach. From 1989-2001, he led the Institute of Evangelism in the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College and served as Dean of the Billy Graham International Schools of Evangelism. He is also a founding member of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelism and a past president of the Academy for Evangelism in Theological Education. Dr. Coleman’s scholarly interests include the theology of evangelism, revival and the lifestyle of the Great Commission. Dr. Coleman is a prolific author, having written hundreds of articles and 21 books, though he is best known for The Master Plan of Evangelism.


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