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Kingdom Prologue: Genesis Foundations for a Covenantal Worldview

ISBN: 9781597525640

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One of the Meredith G. Kline’s landmark works, this study focuses on the book of Genesis and its account of the formative ages in the eschatological movement of the kingdom of God—from creation to consummation. This biblical-theological commentary on Genesis is designed to uncover the foundations of God’s covenantally administered kingdom with its major historical developments and its institutional structures and functions. In this way Kingdom Prologue introduces the overall shape of the biblical worldview and the character of biblical religion.

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  • Focuses on the book of Genesis and the eschatological movement of the kingdom of God
  • Uncovers the foundations of God’s covenantally administered kingdom
  • Introduces the overall shape of the biblical worldview

Top Highlights

“If the covenant is ratified by divine oath alone, it is a covenant of grace, either saving or common. But when the covenant-making includes a human oath of ratification, as in the case of Israel’s oath in the Sinaitic Covenant (Exod 24), the arrangement is informed by the works principle.” (Page 5)

“Not ancestry, not the past, but posterity and the future is in view in that term.” (Page 8)

“The Creator’s Sabbath rest is much more a matter of taking satisfaction and delight in his consummated building.” (Page 34)

“Taking the kingdom of God as our central, organizing theme, we inevitably find ourselves fully involved with the subject of the divine covenants of Scripture; for to follow the course of the kingdom is to trace the series of covenants by which the Lord administers his kingdom.” (Page 1)

“Covenant thus becomes a particular administration of God’s kingship, whether in the bestowal of his holy kingdom as a royal grant on a special covenant people as their peculiar inheritance or in the sovereign government of a temporal world order whose benefits are common to all alike (as in the postdiluvian common grace covenant of Gen 9). It is in this sense that covenant is used to designate the major divisions of covenant theology.” (Page 4)

Meredith G. Kline (1922–2008) was professor emeritus of Old Testament at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Westminster Seminary California. He also taught at Claremont School of Theology and Reformed Theological Seminary. He received his BD and ThM from Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia) and his PhD in Assyriology and Egyptology from Dropsie College. Professor Kline maintained an active writing and teaching ministry, and was also an ordained minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.


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Digital list price: $33.99
Save $7.00 (20%)