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Mobile Ed: Genesis Bundle (2 courses)

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Learn what the first book of the Bible says in its own words and original context, and discover how it shapes discipleship today. This two-course bundle will not only enrich your understanding of Genesis’ theology, it will also improve your exegetical skills. Those looking for a deeper textual and theological knowledge of Genesis will welcome this bundle.

In OT302 Book Study: Genesis, Dr. John Walton shows how Genesis came to be; how this biblical text can speak to crucial contemporary questions about gender, science, and more; and how teachers and pastors can exegete important Genesis passages. Anyone responsible for speaking or teaching on the Old Testament won’t want to miss Dr. Walton’s exposition of the entire book of Genesis.

In OT303 Theology of Genesis, Dr. David Baker explains the unique value of biblical theology and discusses how an understanding of the key theological themes of Genesis can and should direct discipleship in our own time. This insightful look at what Genesis teaches about humanity’s relationship with God has deep value for those dealing with questions of relationships, sexuality, and what it means to be created in God’s image.

Both of these courses are fully integrated into your existing Logos Bible Software, taking your studies and learning experience to new levels.

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2 ratings

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  1. Mak Espinoza

    Mak Espinoza


    Thanks a lot for your comments. Great information before making a discision.
  2. Alessandro



  3. edson m nunes jr
  4. Lance Roberts

    Lance Roberts


    I'm blown away that Logos has chosen a theologian who doesn't hold to biblical inerrancy and supports evolution for their Genesis course. They could have at least named it "Genesis: A Theistic Evolution Perspective", and then got the Christian scientists and theologians at the Institute of Creation Research to do a Biblical course.
  5. Shawn Nelson

    Shawn Nelson


    Conservative Christian buyers, beware! I wish Logos products like this came with warning labels.  Those considering studying under Dr. John Walton should know that he strongly pushes theistic evolution.  Walton reinterprets the Genesis account. His view is that Adam was not the first man; his body is genetically the same as other early hominids, all humans are not Adam’s descendants; human death is not the result of Adam’s sin, and Darwin was basically right about common ancestry.  Needless to say, he does NOT hold to biblical inerrancy.  See Norman Geisler's review of Walton's controversial book here http://defendinginerrancy.com/lost-world-adam-eve/


Collection value: $659.98
Save $259.99 (39%)
Payment plans available in cart