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Tertullian and Paul

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How might late-second/early-third century readings of Paul illuminate our understanding of the first-century texts? A close comparison of Tertullian and Paul reveals the former to be both a dubious and a profoundly insightful interpreter of the latter. As interest in the field of patristic exegesis grows, there is a need for examination of Tertullian’s readings of Paul. Tertullian—the first among the significant Latin writers—shaped generations of Christians by providing both a vocabulary for and an exposition of elemental Christian doctrines, wherein he relied heavily on Pauline texts and appropriated them for his own use.

This collection of essays presents a collaborative attempt to understand, critique, and appreciate one of the earliest and most influential interpreters of Paul, and thereby better understand and appreciate both the dynamic event of early patristic exegesis and the Pauline texts themselves. Each chapter takes a two-pronged approach, beginning with a patristic scholar considering the topic at hand followed by a New Testament response. This results in a fast-paced and illuminating interdisciplinary volume.

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Resource Experts
  • Provides a collaborative attempt to understand, critique, and appreciate Tertullian
  • Presents fast-paced and illuminating interdisciplinary volume
  • Includes insights into early Christian theology and identity
  • “God in Christ: Tertullian, Paul, and Christology” by Andrew B. McGowan
  • “Paul, Tertullian, and the God of the Christians: A Response to Andrew B. McGowan” by Michael F. Bird
  • “Tertullian, Scripture, Rule of Faith, and Paul” by Everett Ferguson
  • “Christ the Foolish Judge in Tertullian’s On the Prescription of Heretics” by Clare K. Rothschild
  • “The Spirit of Prophecy: Tertullian’s Pauline Pneumatology” by David E. Wilhite
  • “Tertullian and Paul on the Spirit of Prophecy” by James D.G. Dunn
  • “Tertullian, Paul, and the Nation of Israel” Geoffrey D. Dunn
  • “Tertullian, Paul, and the Nation of Israel: A Response to Geoffrey D. Dunn” by John M. Barclay
  • “The Justification of the Martyrs” by Candida Moss
  • “Martyrdom As Sacrament: Tertullian’s (Mis)Use of ‘The Apostle’ (Paul)” by Todd D. Still
  • Status Feminae: Tertullian and the Uses of Paul” by Elizabeth A. Clark
  • “A Response to Elizabeth A. Clark’s Essay, ‘Status Feminae: Tertullian and the Uses of Paul’” by Margaret Y. MacDonald
  • “Tertullian on the Role of the Bishop” by Allen Brent
  • “From Tertullian to Paul: Reflections on Allen Brent’s Essay on Tertullian and Bishops” by N.T. Wright
  • “Tertullian and Paul: The Wealth of Christians” by Helen Rhee
  • “Helen Rhee, Tertullian, and Paul on the Wealth of Christians: A Response” by Warren Carter
  • Communis Magister Paulus: Altercation Over the Gospel in Tertullian’s Against Marcion” by Stephen Cooper
  • “Did Tertullian Succeed? Reflection on Tertullian’s Appropriation of Paul in His Response to Marcion” Bruce W. Longenecker
  • “The World to Come: Tertullian’s Christian Eschatology” by William Tabbernee
  • “His Eminence Imminent: Tertullian’s Take on Pauline Eschatology” by Ben Witherington, III
  • Title: Tertullian and Paul
  • Authors: Todd Still, David E. Wilhite
  • Series: Pauline and Patristic Scholars in Debate
  • Volume: I
  • Publisher: Bloomsbury
  • Print Publication Date: 2013
  • Logos Release Date: 2014
  • Pages: 224
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subjects: Paul, the Apostle, Saint; Christian literature, early; Tertullian, ca. 160-ca. 230
  • ISBNs: 9780567554116, 0567554112
  • Resource Type: Monograph
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2022-09-30T03:18:42Z

Todd D. Still is associate professor of Christian Scriptures at the George W. Truett Theological Seminary of Baylor University. Among other publications, he is the author of Conflict at Thessalonica: A Pauline Church and Its Neighbours and the editor of Jesus and Paul Reconnected: Fresh Pathways into an Old Debate.

David Wilhite is a historical theologian at George W. Truett Theological Seminary at Baylor University. He is the author of Tertullian the African: An Anthropological Reading of Tertullian’s Context and Identities.


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Digital list price: $31.99
Save $8.00 (25%)