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Signature of Controversy: Responses to Critics of Signature in the Cell
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Signature of Controversy: Responses to Critics of Signature in the Cell


Discovery Institute Press 2010

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Published in 2009, Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design is recognized as establishing one of the strongest pillars underlying the argument for intelligent design. To call the book fascinating and important is an understatement. No less interesting in its way, however, was the critical response and it is with that this book is concerned. Despite Signature in the Cell being written about in print and online by numerous friends and foes of intelligent-design theory, few—if any—of the critics really grappled with the substance of Meyer’s argument. This is remarkable and telling. In this book, defenders of Signature in the Cell analyze the hostile response.

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Key Features

  • Presents a critical response of the book Signature in the cell
  • Grapples with the substance of Stephen C. Meyer’s argument
  • Analyzes the hostile response toward Signature in the Cell as presented by its defenders


  • On Not Reading Signature in the Cell: A Response to Francisco Ayala
  • When a Book Review Is Not a “Book Review”
  • Falk’s Rejoinder to Meyer’s Response to Ayala’s “Essay” on Meyer’s Book
  • Lying for Darwin
  • Responding to Stephen Fletcher in the Times Literary Supplement
  • Responding Again to Stephen Fletcher in the Times Literary Supplement
  • Responding to Stephen Fletcher in the Times Literary Supplement on the RNA World
  • Why Are Darwinists Scared to Read Signature in the Cell?
  • Every Bit Digital: DNA’s Programming Really Bugs Some ID Critics
  • Responding to Darrel Falk’s Review of Signature in the Cell
  • Asking Darrel Falk to Pick a Number, Any Number
  • Ayala and Falk Miss the Signs in the Genome
  • Discovering Signs in the Genome by Thinking Outside the BioLogos Box
  • Beginning to Decipher the SINE Signal
  • Intelligent Design, Frontloading and Theistic Evolution
  • Getting ID Right: Further Thoughts on the Beliefnet Review of Signature in the Cell
  • Signs of Desperation? Early Responses to Signature in the Cell Are Readily Dismissable
  • Get Smart: Stephen Meyer’s Critics Fail to Show Unintelligent Causes Can Produce Biological Information
  • Weather Forecasting as a Counterexample to Complex Specified Information? Jeffrey Shallit on Signature in the Cell
  • Gotcha! On Checking Stephen Meyer’s Spelling & Other Weighty Criticisms of Signature in the Cell

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About David Klinghoffer

David Klinghoffer is a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute and the author of six books including, with Senator Joseph Lieberman, The Gift of Rest: Rediscovering the Beauty of the Sabbath and the spiritual memoir The Lord Will Gather Me In: My Journey to Jewish Orthodoxy.