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The World in the Trinity
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The World in the Trinity


Fortress Press 2014

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Joseph A. Bracken argues that in academia today theology and science don’t generate cohesion because there is no integrated system for interpreting the Christian faith that consciously accords with the insights and discoveries of contemporary science.

In The World in the Trinity, Bracken uses systems theory as a philosophical and scientific grammar to show traditional Christian beliefs in a new light—presenting them as accessible and rationally plausible to a contemporary, scientifically-influenced society. This account opens new possibilities for rethinking the God-world relationship, the Trinity, incarnation, creation, and eschatology within the context of a broader ecological and cosmological system. In re-describing these central articles of Christian belief, Bracken is careful to retain the inherent power and meaning of these concepts. This volume freshly retrieves pivotal themes and concepts constitutive of the Christian tradition in a conscious rapprochement with current scientific understandings of nature.

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Key Features

  • Integrates Christianity and contemporary science
  • Examines the relationship between God and the material world
  • Provides a scholarly foundation from which to engage in dialogue


  • Part One
    • Language and Reality
    • The “Inside” and the “Outside” of Everything
    • Philosophical/Scientific Models of the God-World Relationship in the Current Religion and Science Debate
    • Theological Models of the God-World Relationship in the Current Religion and Science Debate
    • Panentheism: Hierarchically Ordered Systems of Existence and Activity
  • Part Two
    • “Incarnation” as Key to the Argument for Panentheism
    • Divine and Human Personhood in a Systems-Oriented Approach to the Trinity
    • Tradition and Traditioning: Church as both System and Institutional Entity
    • Miracles and the Problem of Evil
    • Resurrection and Eternal Life
  • Praise for the Print Edition

    In chapter after chapter, Bracken effectively demonstrates the fruitfulness of these new concepts for overcoming traditional challenges to the theology of the Incarnation, the Trinity, the church, miracles, resurrection, and life after death. A cutting-edge contribution to today’s theology-science dialogue.

    Philip Clayton, Ingraham Professor of Theology, Claremont School of Theology

    Bracken continues his long-term project of transforming a Whiteheadian base into a religiously powerful framework. With an interpretation of reality as hierarchically ordered and internally related dynamic systems, he develops a comprehensive worldview compatible with modern science and at the same time excellent for providing new understanding of Christian doctrines about the Incarnation, the Trinity, the Church, Providence, and eternal life. It is an impressive accomplishment.

    —Michael H. Barnes, professor, University of Dayton

    This book encapsulates and further develops Bracken’s life-long synthesis of Whitehead’s process philosophy and Christian systematic theology. By placing creativity in God, rather than outside of God, God appears as a verb always in touch with all of reality rather than as a self-enclosed noun. In this view, the Incarnation is not a paradox but a unique expression of the coexistence of God and material life. Bracken’s vision is not only clear; it’s eye-opening for contemporary theology and science.

    —Niels Henrik Gregersen, professor, University of Copenhagen

    Product Details

    About Joseph A. Bracken

    Joseph A. Bracken, SJ, is professor emeritus of theology and former director of the Edward B. Brueggeman Center for Dialogue at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has specialized in linking the metaphysical thought of Alfred North Whitehead with Christian systematic theology. He is the author of numerous books and scholarly articles, including Subjectivity, Objectivity and Intersubjectivity: A New Paradigm for Religion and Science and Does God Roll Dice? Divine Providence for a World in the Making.

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