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Holy Scriptures: Tree of Life Version (TLV)

, 2015
ISBN: 9781493406371


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The Holy Scriptures: Tree of Life Version (TLV) is a new translation of the Holy Bible prepared and vetted by a team of over two dozen Jewish and Christian scholars from five international Messianic Jewish organizations. Based on the Hebrew Masoretic text and the 27th Nestle Aland Novum Testamentum, the aim of this Messianic-sensitive text is to be as accurate as the NASB, reverent as the NKJV, and readable as the NIV.

With the Logos Bible Software edition, every word in the Tree of Life Version is linked to your entire library. Want to know more about Abraham? Just double-click the word and Logos automatically opens up an entry in your preferred dictionary. Curious about the meaning of covenant? Just right-click the word and choose Bible Word Study from the drop-down box. Logos takes your Bible study to the next level by putting all your resources only a mouse-click away.

Resource Experts
  • Full biblical text
  • Jewish reading plan
  • Two maps: modern and ancient Israel
  • Cross-referencing footnotes
  • Three Hebrew, transliterated, and translated prayers
  • TLV Quick Study Glossary
  • Torah: The Law
  • Neviim: The Prophets
  • Ketuvim: The Writings
  • Besorah: The Good News & Acts
  • Messianic Writings: The Letters & Revelation
This rendition—ike the Bible itself—is for all people. The Tree of Life Version will be an outreach gift that Messianic Jews can give their non-Messianic friends, those who have trouble coming to terms with what the movement is all about. And speaking of ‘movement,’ another distinguishing characteristic of the Tree of Life Version is that it is a joint venture production. The work product of some seventy Messianic Jewish scholars and friends, it reflects the collective wisdom of a maturing movement—one that is deepening through time and circumstance.

Messianic Times

The Tree of Life Bible has proven to be a very insightful and interesting translation of the Bible. I never read a version of the Bible before that gave great insight of the Jewish background. It’s amazing to see how much scripture contains so much information and knowledge that wouldn’t have been understood until one understands the Jewish culture of the time.

—Jonathan C., student, The King’s Jewish Voice University

Rich in historic expression, accurate and very readable, this newest translation is sure to be your favorite as it is mine!

—Paul Wilbur, Messianic recording artist


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  1. Rev ET

    Rev ET


  2. Kiyah



    More accurate and more readable than the CJB.

  3. Robert Miles

    Robert Miles


  4. Walt Golembeski
  5. ExJW Messianic
  6. Kevin Bratcher
  7. Dr. Gordon Arthur
  8. Brandon



  9. Kevin Flick

    Kevin Flick


    This is an easy to read translation that honors the Jewishness of the text.

  10. Kyle





Print list price: $30.00
Save $20.01 (66%)