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Understand biblical numbers at a glance

The Hebrew and Greek alphabets both doubled as number systems. Biblical authors often chose words with numerical values of cultural and spiritual significance that is lost in translation. With this tool, you can instantly convert Greek and Hebrew lemmas into numerals. Get the numerical value of any lemma, find all the lemmas with an equal numerical value, and learn how to count using the Hebrew and Greek alphabet.

Discover what it means when someone says the number of Jesus’ name is 888 or find all of the Hebrew numbers that represent God. Lemmas link to the Bible Word Study and other forms link to search results. This tool equips you to master ancient numerical systems and see symbolism lost in Latin letters.

  • Count in the Greek and Hebrew language
  • Uncover the significance of numbers in biblical Greek and Hebrew
  • Find biblical words that have the same ancient numeric value

How it works:

  • Calculates the numerical value of Hebrew and Roman words
  • Gathers all of the Greek and Hebrew words that equal a given number
  • Converts any Arabic, Roman, Greek, or Hebrew numerical input into a matching number in all four systems


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