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Artifacts from the British Museum

, 2015
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Bring the British Museum’s treasures to your home

The British Museum houses thousands of artifacts from Greece, Egypt, Asia Minor, and the rest of the globe. But you don’t have to go all the way to London to view some of the Bible’s most significant artifacts. This new media collection offers high quality close-up shots and descriptions of key Bible artifacts that reside in the British Museum.

Artifacts from the British Museum lets you . . .

  • Explore the craftsmanship and artistry of biblical times
  • Share images with a click and provide your class or congregation with a glimpse of biblical culture and art
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  1. Ice Deep

    Ice Deep


    For Visual Teachers: This collection contains 52 pictures of artifacts. Each picture shows an artifact and some text that explains it's Biblical significance. Vast majority of them are old testament related and will be the most valuable when teaching Biblical history, not as much for pure Bible study. Examples: various cuneiform inscriptions that relate to the Assyrian and Babylonian empires, finds at UR, even the Rosetta Stone is included. That graphics are clear and well made. The current downside to these graphics is that if you buy a base package that contains them, because they do not sell them separately you will not see a book in your library. To view them go to your media search and search for "British Museum" and they should all come up.

This product is not currently available to purchase.