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Semantic Roles and Case Frames Dataset: SBLGNT Edition

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Uncover meaning that goes beyond surface-level grammar

Our team has combed through the New Testament, identifying the semantic roles of thousands of words. Because we’ve catalogued these roles (“agent,” “beneficiary,” “location,” and more), you can understand the underlying relationship a participant has with a verb in a clause. For example, Jesus may heal someone, but grammatically speaking, he’s not always the subject. The Semantic Roles dataset catalogues every time Jesus is the “agent” of a healing, even if he’s the object of the clause. We’ve even associated pronouns with their referents, so you can find every reference to a healing performed by Jesus, even if he is not mentioned by name. Similarly, you can uncover places where Peter did the healing as well as occasions when he was healed.

This dataset also identifies case frames. When you search a Greek or Hebrew verb, Logos consults this dataset, showing you a ring graph that displays its occurrence and frequency with different agents (who performs an action) and patients (who receives the action). See the many ways the verb can be used in a clause. Expand your search results into a mini concordance that displays the verses everywhere the verb, patient, and agent appear. We’ve even catalogued definitions for grammatical terms. The information we’ve collected represents years of research that Logos has done for you. We’ve hand tagged and cross referenced thousands of entries so you have access to the information you need in an instant.

  • Identifies semantic roles and case frames in the New Testament
  • Records every instance a person is referred to—even if not by name
  • Catalogues frequency of verbs’ occurrence with different agents and patients
  • Includes definitions of grammatical and semantic terms
  • Identifies every verse in which different semantic roles and case frames appear
  • Title: Semantic Roles and Case Frames Dataset: SBLGNT Edition
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Courseware
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2022-10-07T12:07:28Z


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    This product is not currently available to purchase.