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Ancient Literature Dataset
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Ancient Literature Dataset

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Lexham Press, Faithlife 2014–2015

We’ve done hours of ancient literature research for you

By comparing Scripture to its literary contemporaries, you can better understand its cultural context—but sorting through thousands of pages of primary sources takes time. Our team of biblical experts has done the research for you, cataloguing relevant passages from the Apostolic Fathers, Philo, the Talmud, Mishna, Judaic literature, Josephus, and more. We cross-referenced those selections with relevant biblical passages, so you can click from a Bible verse to the exact spot it’s alluded to in ancient literature. Plus, every biblical reference in an ancient resource is tagged by type: citation, quotation, allusion, echo, topical, historical, lexical, or phrase. Search for any verse in the Passage Guide, and Logos combs through this dataset for relevant passages from ancient literature. With the Ancient Literature Dataset, you have access to hours’ worth of research in an instant.

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The Ancient Literature Dataset . . .

  • Catalogues thousands of passages from hundreds of ancient literature resources
  • Tags ancient literature passages according to type: citation, quotation, allusion, echo, topical, historical, lexical, and phrase
  • Connects ancient literature to thousands of relevant scriptural passages

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