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Three Prophetic Gems


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In this discourse the Lord unfolds, first, the future of the Jewish disciples; secondly, that of the Christian profession; and thirdly, that of all the nations tested by the gospel of the Kingdom before the end comes, and He Himself reigns. Such are the simple divisions of the two chapters; and so it was or will be in fact. The discourse grew in His wisdom out of their directing His attention to the splendour of the buildings, from which their hearts were not yet weaned. They believed that Jesus was the Christ; they were born of God; but they had as yet their hearts associated with Israel’s hopes, yea, even till the day that He ascended to heaven (Acts 1:6–11), though theirs was no small advance when He rose from the dead.

-From the Introduction

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  • Title: Three Prophetic Gems
  • Author: William Kelly
  • Publisher: Galaxie Software
  • Publication Date: 2004

William Kelly (1823–1906), born in Ireland, moved to London after attending Trinity College in Dublin. Deeply involved with the Plymouth Brethren, he also became a prolific writer, earning the respect of theologians such as Henry Alford. He is quoted as having said “There are three things real—the Cross, the enmity of the world, the love of God.”


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    Print list price: $6.95
    Save $0.96 (13%)