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Products>The Theology of Augustine: An Introductory Guide to His Most Important Works

The Theology of Augustine: An Introductory Guide to His Most Important Works

ISBN: 9781441249937

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Most theology students realize that Augustine is tremendously influential in the Christian tradition as a whole, but they generally lack real knowledge of his writings. This volume introduces Augustine’s theology through seven of his most important works. Matthew Levering begins with a discussion of Augustine’s life and times and then provides a full survey of the argument of each work with bibliographical references for those who wish to research further. Written in clear, accessible language, this book offers an essential introduction to the major works of Augustine, from which anyone interested in church history will benefit.

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  • Introduces Augustine’s theology through seven of his most important works
  • Explains how Augustine’s teachings are relevant to current theological quandaries
  • Provides key citations and references for further research and learning
  • On Christian Doctrine
  • Answer to Faustus, a Manichean
  • Homilies on the First Epistle of John
  • On the Predestination of the Saints
  • Confessions
  • City of God
  • On the Trinity

Top Highlights

“Until the audience has understood, the preacher has not really ‘spoken.’ The best preaching will be not only direct but also eloquent, because a preacher should teach, delight, and move the audience.” (Pages 15–16)

“Since God is infinite spirit, we travel toward God not by spatial movement but by holy love” (Page 5)

“In general, therefore, God teaches humans through other humans” (Page 2)

“An evil will, instead of moving from created things to their Creator, occupies itself solely with created things” (Page 100)

“In On Christian Doctrine, therefore, Augustine offers an account of biblical interpretation and preaching. He organizes his study around love. Scripture, he argues, teaches us what and how to love. To become good interpreters, we must learn to recognize how the words of Scripture direct us to love of God and neighbor.” (Pages 1–2)

Matthew Levering introduces Augustine through seven of his most important texts—a wonderful idea. Augustine shines out as one whose theology focuses on the central mystery of the Christian faith, God’s gracious drawing of humanity into the divine life through the work of the incarnate Word and the life-giving Spirit. Levering’s treatment beautifully complements existing introductions, providing a guide that should aid generations of students and inspire the interested lay reader.

—Lewis Ayres, Bede Chair in Catholic Theology, Durham University

The current reawakening of interest in Augustine’s theology has created a great need for an introduction that is elevated enough to be of interest to specialists and yet accessible enough to be read by students and readers from other disciplines. Levering’s study meets exactly that need. It points the way for those who are interested in how Augustine is relevant to our own theological quandaries, and it guides those who are just beginning to find their way in things Augustinian by helping them see theological themes as they are embodied in whole texts. An excellent contribution!

—John Cavadini, professor of theology, University of Notre Dame

Matthew Levering is a Roman Catholic theologian and and Perry Family Foundation Professor of Theology at Mundelein Seminary of the University of Saint Mary of the Lake. Prior to this, Levering was professor of theology at the University of Dayton in Ohio and also taught for nine years at Ave Maria University in Naples, Florida. Levering earned a BA from the University of North Carolina, an MTS from Duke Divinity School, and a PhD from Boston College. He is an expert on the theology of Thomas Aquinas.


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  1. Anthony Sims

    Anthony Sims


  2. Antonius



    I have been reading this in Kindle Format. I wanted it so badly, I could not wait for Logos to publish it. So now I will buy it again. Think of this book as a commentary on seven of Augustine's top books. Reading Augustine without help can be difficult, but with Professor Levering to explain all the important points, the genius of Augustine is understandable. I highly recommend this for anyone studying the early church fathers.


Print list price: $26.00
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