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Sacrilege: Finding Life in the Unorthodox Ways of Jesus

, 2011
ISBN: 9781441257086
  • Format:Digital
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What does it really mean to be like Jesus? It is safe to say most Christians do not live like Jesus did, have the same influence on people he had, or draw even the slightest curiosity from the onlooking world. Jesus’s ability to attract people and win their hearts was directly related to how he challenged their assumptions about religion. He not only gave them a unique, personal way to follow him but also showed them how to participate in his mission.

Sacrilege exposes the patterns of thinking that have held the church hostage for years and inspires you to rethink the way you understand Scripture, family, spiritual formation, conversion, church, sin, and more. Your faith may never be the same. And that’s a good thing.

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  • Removes the barriers of religion in order to let people meet Jesus
  • Releases Christian theology from its church-centric focus back onto the streets
  • Genuinely examines Jesus’ life so that his example can be clearly followed
  • Sacrilegious Jesus: Breaking Images for the First and Last Time
  • Why Jesus Doesn’t Want Any More Followers: From Disciple to Apprentice
  • Interlude into a New World: Seeing Jesus in 3-D
  • Open Your Mind, Enter the Kingdom: Becoming an Unbiased Learner
  • The Problem with Family Values: Why Jesus Will Ask You to Open Your Home
  • The Art of Subtle Wooing: Winning the World through Meekness
  • God on the Go: Spiritual Formation between the Rubber and the Road
  • Sin in the Periphery: Leaving Judgmentalism in the Rearview Mirror
  • Jesus on a John Deere: Bulldozing Boundaries to Daddy’s Dinner
  • Bringing Heaven to Earth: The No-Spin Zone for the Sabbath and Sabbath Giving
  • Of Xboxes and Burning Bushes: Rediscovering the Church Jesus Wants to Build
  • Parting Shots from a Sacrilegious Mentor: It’s Time to Make a Decision
Sacrilege is a refreshing book for those of us who want to know Jesus and who want to make Jesus known. Hugh Halter lives this out himself and in this book shares with us how to remove the barriers of religion and let people meet Jesus in us. Sacrilege is a handbook for living not just a missional life but a truly incarnational life. I recommend this book for every Christ follower.

—Dave Ferguson, lead pastor, Community Christian Church

I can’t say anything as clever or thought-provoking as this book that I’m trying to endorse. All I can say is that Hugh, in his fabulously engaging way, accomplishes the release of Christian theology from its church-centric focus back onto the streets—where it got its start and where it belongs. It’s like opening a window in a musty room to let in some fresh air.

—Reggie McNeal, missional leadership specialist, Leadership Network

Hugh Halter has written a carefully constructed theological Molotov cocktail which explodes false myths while it fires up the Christian imagination for truth, beauty, and goodness.

—Leonard Sweet, E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism, Drew University

Yet again, Hugh tips the sacred cows that need tipping and ruffles the feathers that need ruffling. This isn’t done through hyperbole or distortion but a genuine examination of Jesus’ life. Some will decide this is a controversial book, but in fact, Jesus was a controversial Savior. This is an honest retelling of Jesus’ unruly story with a simple call to be like him in a world where most prefer their cows untipped and their feathers unruffled.

—Jen Hatmaker, speaker and author

  • Title: Sacrilege: Finding Life in the Unorthodox Ways of Jesus
  • Author: Hugh Halter
  • Series: The Shapevine Series
  • Publisher: Baker
  • Print Publication Date: 2011
  • Logos Release Date: 2013
  • Pages: 240
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subjects: Jesus Christ › Example; Christian life
  • ISBNs: 9781441257086, 9780801013591
  • Resource Type: Monograph
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2020-04-24T16:20:19Z
Hugh Halter

Hugh Halter lives in Denver, CO with his wife, Cheryl. He is an author, the founder of Missio, and a speaks across the United States encouraging and equipping pastors in missional leadership.

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Print list price: $15.00
Regular price: $14.99
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