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The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God

Format: Digital
, 1987
ISBN: 9780875522623


This first volume in the Theology of Lordship series addresses the implications for life and thought of the fact that God is the Lord and we are his servants by creation and redemption. Accordingly, Frame develops an epistemology based on the idea of servant thinking—the way a servant is to think in the presence of his Lord.

In the course of his inquiry, Frame focuses on the nature of theology (the application of God’s word to all areas of life) and its various methodological aspects. The book is also an introduction to apologetics, for it attempts to show what it is to know God and how people can come to know him as a friend rather than an enemy.

The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God

Like other books in the Theology of Lordship series, this volume analyses God’s lordship by means of threefold distinctions that derive ultimately from the doctrine of the Trinity. Lordship is God’s control, authority, and presence, and that triad provides three “perspectives” essential to human knowledge.

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  • Discusses God’s lordship through Trinity doctrine
  • Presents the concept of servant thinking
  • Analyzes the knowledge of God through perspectivalism and other methods
  • Part One: The Objects of Knowledge
  • Part Two: The Justification of Knowledge
  • Part Three: The Methods of Knowledge
A magnificent treatment that will be a standard work for decades. Frame stands in the great Reformed tradition of Calvin and Charnock, Hodge and Bavinck, yet in his treatment of the doctrine of God, he surpasses them all with an amazing breadth of knowledge and depth of understanding. In every section, Frame brings fresh insight to old doctrines.

Wayne Grudem, research professor of Bible and theology, Phoenix Seminary

A meticulously biblical, remarkably cogent, and powerfully transforming presentation.

Richard L. Pratt Jr., president, Third Millennium Ministries

  • Title: The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God
  • Author: John M. Frame
  • Publisher: P&R
  • Print Publication Date: 1987
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  • ISBN: 9780875522623
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John M. Frame (MDiv, Westminster Theological Seminary, MPhil, Yale University, DD, Belhaven College) is professor of systematic theology and philosophy at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. He is an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church in America. Previously, he taught at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia (1968–80) and Westminster Theological Seminary in California (1980–2000).