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The Romance of Redemption: Biblical Types of the Bride of Christ

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Warren A. Gage’s The Romance of Redemption operates on the theory that if the prophets, priests, and kings of the Old Testament are types of Christ, then their brides are types of Christ’s bride—the church.

The book tells the story of 16 brides in the Bible. Four brides discovered at a well in a far off country. Four royal brides, whose stories anticipate the destiny of the bride of Christ. Four brides marred by whoredom, and four brides notable for their purity. And finally, in the epilogue, Mary Magdalene, and the profound story of her redemption.

As Gage weaves together these bridal stories, he shows their unifying thread to be a demonstration of some aspect of the gospel, and displays how their differences highlight the vast expanse of redemption through Jesus Christ.

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Resource Experts
  • Explores the stories of 16 Bible brides
  • Examines these brides as types of the church, the bride of Christ
  • Highlights different aspects of the gospel and the diversity of our redemption through Christ
  • Introduction
  • Brides Discovered by the Well in a Far Country
    • Rebekah at the Well of Haran
    • Rachel at the Well of Haran
    • Zipporah at the Well of Midian
    • The Woman at the Well of Samaria
  • Brides Known for Their Beauty and Purity
    • Eve
    • Leah
    • Ruth
    • May of Nazareth
  • Brides Tainted with Whoredom
    • Tamar, the “Whore” of Judah
    • Rahab, the Whore of Jericho
    • Gomer, the Whorish Wife of Hosea
    • The Woman Caught in Adultery
  • The Royal Brides
    • The Princess of David’s Desire
    • Shulamith
    • Esther
    • The Bridal City of the New Jerusalem
  • Epilogue: Mary Magdalene

Top Highlights

“This book developed from the theory that, if the patriarchs, prophets, priests, and kings of the Old Testament foreshadow Christ, then it seems reasonable to imagine that their brides should anticipate the bride of Christ.” (Pages 6–7)

“The first Adam made a grave of his garden, but the last Adam has made a garden of His grave.” (Page 91)

“She then left all her family to undertake a long pilgrimage to go to be with her betrothed in a land she would share with him as an inheritance (Gen 24:61). Such was the marriage custom in the ancient Near East, and so is the pattern of the gospel of grace. For our betrothal began with the sovereign choice of God the Father to secure a bride for His beloved Son. Once we were chosen, a great price was paid for our redemption. And we, like Rebekah, have been divinely called to leave everything behind in order to persevere through the pilgrimage of this life to our own wedding celebration in a promised country, which is to be our new inheritance and home forever.” (Page 13)

“Creation, for all its magnificence, is merely the work of God’s ‘fingers’ (Psa 8:3). Redemption, however, is the labor of God’s arm, and the travail of His soul (Isa 53:1, 11). The great picture of redemption in the Bible is the romance of an earthly bride chosen for the Son of heaven (Eph 5:23; Rev 21:2). The lives of Isaac and Rebekah are windows into this wondrous story.” (Page 12)

“Could it be that they capture our imaginations because they intimate a grander story? Do they enable us to dream of a ‘happily ever after’ ending to our own suffering—teaching us through faith to hope in the love of a bridegroom God?” (Page 4)

Warren A. Gage

Dr. Warren Gage is founder and President of the Alexandrian Forum. He received his PhD and MA from the University of Dallas, his ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary, and his JD from SMU Dedman School of Law. Previously, Dr. Gage served as Professor of Old Testament and Dean of Faculty at Knox Theological Seminary. While at Knox, he founded and directed the Christianity and Classical Studies graduate program. Dr. Gage is an ordained minister in the PCA and has authored numerous books and both scholarly and popular-level articles.


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    Print list price: $15.00
    Save $3.01 (20%)