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Select Works of Samuel Logan Brengle (6 vols.)



Samuel Logan Brengle began his career as a circuit preacher, and eventually served as a comissioner in the Salvation Army. While unable to preach for 18 months—after he was assaulted and severely injured while street preaching—Brengle began to write the articles that compose his popular Helps to Holiness. Clear, practically focused, and biblically grounded, his work is a classic on Christian living. This collection compiles six of Brengle’s best texts, including Helps to Holiness, and its successor, Heart Talks on Holiness. Once asked what the secret to holiness was, Brengle answered, “Keep in the will of God, obey him, seek him daily, waiting at his gates. Read the Bible regularly. Never neglect secret prayer. Keep testifying to the grace bestowed upon you. Help others.” And true to this credo, this collection introduces the holiness doctrine by exploring these facets of Christian living. Brengle’s varied insights into pursuing holiness, growing in evangelism, and persevering in faith make a valuable addition to any Christian’s library.

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Key Features

  • Offers some of Samuel Brengle’s best writings
  • Discusses how to pursue holiness
  • Provides insight into persevering in your faith

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  • Title: Select Works of Samuel Logan Brengle
  • Author: Samuel Logan Brengle
  • Volumes: 6
  • Pages: 1,084
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When the Holy Ghost Is Come

  • Author: Samuel Logan Brengle
  • Publisher: The Salvation Army Printing and Publishing House
  • Publication Date: 1914
  • Pages: 210

When the Holy Ghost Is Come displays Samuel Logan Brengle writing on the particular theological topic he was most passionate about: holiness doctrine and the Holy Spirit. In this volume he offers a study of the Holy Spirit in his classic straightforward and practical style. He discusses praying in the Spirit, characteristics of an anointed preacher, victory through the Spirit, witness of the Spirit, and more. He also addresses such questions as “is the baptism with the Holy Spirit a third blessing?”

Love Slaves

  • Author: Samuel Logan Brengle
  • Publisher: Salvationist Publishing and Supplies
  • Publication Date: 1923
  • Pages: 104

Love Slaves is built from the language of passages like Romans 1:1 in which Paul expresses the notion of being a slave of Christ. In his clear and straightforward style, Brengle discusses how to live out full commitment to Christ, grow in discipline, obedience, and love. He notes that the language of the New Testament writers indicates “they counted themselves slaves of God and of Christ. The word [slave] and the relationship seem harsh and forbidding, but not so when we realize its meaning to these Apostles. They were love-slaves. The bondage that enthralled them was the unbreakable bondage of love.”

Helps to Holiness

  • Author: Samuel Logan Brengle
  • Publication Date: 1896
  • Pages: 224

This book “is intended to help every reader of its pages into the immediate enjoyment of Bible holiness,” notes W. Bramwell Booth in the introduction to Samuel Logan Brengle’s Helps to Holiness. Throughout its pages, Brengle covers the basics of holiness doctrine, with chapters such as “Holiness—What Is It?” and “Holiness—How to Get It.” A highly practical, readable, and personal text, Helps to Holiness became immensely popular, even inspiring a successor, Heart Talks on Holiness.

Heart Talks on Holiness

  • Author: Samuel Logan Brengle
  • Publisher: The Salvation Army Printing and Publishing House
  • Publication Date: 1897
  • Pages: 200

Heart Talks on Holiness is a classic, clearly written, and practically focused text which seeks to equip Christians to grow in their knowledge and enjoyment of God in their day-to-day lives. It was written as the successor to Brengle’s popular Helps to Holiness, and provides more valuable insights into pursuing holiness. As W. Bramwell Booth notes in the preface, Brengle has aimed at something more than helping people to better understand the theory of salvation and the will of God, but rather seeks to “help men and women to enjoy that salvation, and to enjoy it now, and to lead every reader to do that will, and to do it all the time.”

The Soul-Winner’s Secret

  • Author: Samuel Logan Brengle
  • Publisher: The Salvation Army Printing and Publishing House
  • Publication Date: 1900
  • Pages: 194

This intensely practical volume continues in Brengle’s clear and biblically-grounded style. The Soul Winner’s Secret is a helpful guide to evangelism—comprehensive without being overly in-depth. Drawing on his years of experience in evangelism, Brengle provides practical direction and warnings against common pitfalls.

Ancient Prophets

  • Author: Samuel Logan Brengle
  • Publisher: Salvationist Publishing and Supplies
  • Publication Date: 1929
  • Pages: 152

Ancient Prophets is another great source of practical wisdom on Christian living, written in Brengle’s clear and readable style. This text is grounded in Scripture and designed to point the reader towards deeper understanding and appreciation of the Bible. As Edward J. Higgins comments in the preface, “each and every one of the subjects with which this book deals has a practical bearing upon some aspect of our knowledge of God, and our life and work for him, and for that reason alone it is of importance to every one of us.”

About Samuel Logan Brengle

Samuel Logan Brengle (1860–1936) was a prominent teacher and writer on the doctrine of holiness. After attending a revival meeting as a teenager, he became a Christian; following his education at what is now DePauw University, he became a circuit preacher. He then enrolled at the Boston Theological Seminary. After graduating from seminary, he worked his way up to commissioner of the Salvation Army. He wrote a number of books promoting holiness doctrine, and in later years became the Salvation Army’s International Special Spiritual Ambassador of Holiness. He retired in 1931 but continue to preach and teach for two more years. 


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