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Doing Archaeology in the Land of the Bible: A Basic Guide

Format: Digital
, 1999
ISBN: 0801022134


Many people today are familiar with archaeological undertakings in the land of the Bible and the fascinating objects that have been discovered. However, the process of archaeology is generally not well understood. How do excavators know where to dig? How do they identify what they’ve found? John Currid provides many answers in this basic guide to Palestinian archaeology.

Currid, a field archaeologist and Old Testament scholar, surveys the history of archaeological work in the Holy Land and the development of excavation methodology. He highlights pioneering individuals and their contributions, and explains the purposes of topographical survey, site identification, digging techniques, and find analysis. Utilizing the book’s practical outline of archaeological investigation, the final chapter describes the site identification, history of excavation, and finds at et-Tell (Bethsaida). Complete with color photographs, line drawings, and sidebars, this book offers a concise introduction to Palestinian archaeology useful for college classes, study groups, and excavation teams.

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Key Features

  • Provides an introduction to the concepts and history of archaeology
  • Discusses how to properly perform an archaeological dig
  • Includes a map of biblical archaeological sites, along with various figures and tables


  • What in the World Is Archaeology?
  • A Brief History of Palestinian Archaeology
  • The Tales of Tells
  • Living by Site (Surveying)
  • Why Dig There? The Ins and Outs of Site Identification
  • In the Beginning: How to Excavate a Tell
  • Petrie, Pottery, and Potsherds
  • Buildings
  • Small Finds
  • Archaeology in Use: The Recovery of Bethsaida

Praise for the Print Edition

Currid’s volume is a useful introduction to archaeology—its history, vocabulary, and methods—for the beginner. The systematic unveiling of these themes provides a ‘stratigraphy’ for study that many students and laypersons will find fascinating. In addition, the short bibliographies add substance to the work, allowing readers to take the additional step of further study. Such aids to first-time student excavators have often taken the form of xeroxed handouts. Currid has provided them with an easy reference work that they can read on the plane to Israel and pull out during the excavation to explain what is happening around them.

Victor H. Matthews, professor, Southwest Missouri State University

At last, a book on the basics of Palestinian archaeology! John Currid’s much-needed text fills a significant gap in the currently available literature in the field. Doing Archaeology in the Land of the Bible is an excellent introduction that will be of great assistance to the beginning student as well as to the interested layperson.

Bryant G. Wood, research director, Associates for Biblical Research

Professor Currid has written an excellent manual for the history and practice of archaeological excavation in the Middle East, systematically outlined with considerable bibliographical documentation. I recommend the work as supplementary reading for courses requiring a knowledge of the history and methodology of ancient Near Eastern archaeology. I plan to use it as a supplementary text in my classes, both on the introductory and advanced levels.

John McRay, professor of New Testament and archaeology emeritus, Wheaton College Graduate School

In this brief study, Currid sketches the birth and development of archaeological method and answers many of the basic questions having to do with field work. The book should be a ‘must read’ for anyone intersested in volunteering to participate on a dig in Palestine. The bibliographies concluding each chapter will greatly help the reader who wishes to know more.

Alfred J. Hoerth, associate professor of archaeology emeritus, Wheaton College

Product Details

  • Title: Doing Archaeology in the Land of the Bible: A Basic Guide
  • Author: John D. Currid
  • Publisher: Baker Academic
  • Publication Date: 1999
  • Pages: 128

About John D. Currid

John D. Currid (PhD, Oriental Institute, University of Chicago) is Carl W. McMurray Professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary. He has served on several archaeological excavations, and he is author of Ancient Egypt and the Old Testament.