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The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Digital Logos Edition

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The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge is one of the most comprehensive sets of cross references ever compiled, consisting of over 572,000 entries. This reference tool is an invaluable asset for your Bible study library. The Logos Bible Software edition makes it even more attractive and interactive by making every single reference in the book a link. Simply click on any reference in The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge and instantly jump to that verse. Hit the “return” button on your toolbar and instantly jump back to where you were. With this powerful functionality available from Logos Bible Software, you will find yourself looking up more cross-references and getting a better understanding of the text than you ever would have when you had to sit down and flip through your Bible manually. The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge helps you get more Bible into your Bible study.

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“This would tend to discourage parents from thus treating their children; a practice which was exceedingly common in those ages and countries. To this they were induced by the custom which prevailed, of employing such in the houses of the great and the courts of princes; so that they often rose to the highest posts of honour and authority. Some expositors therefore consider the phrase, ‘shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord,’ as meaning, that they should be incapable of bearing any office in that government which was placed over the people of God, who must thus enter a protest against this custom, and deliver selfish parents from this temptation, ver. 2, 3, 8. Ne. 13:1–3. Is. 56:3, 4. La. 1:10.” (Volume 1, Page 140)

“meat: from thence sends to Samaria for the heads of Ahab’s children and” (Volume 1, Page 308)

“THE MESSIAH. Mr. Baxter remarks, It is indeed interesting to compare, on Scripture authority, Adam as the root of sin and death to all, with CHRIST, who is to all true Christians the root of holiness and life.” (Volume 2, Page 109)

“c. 1860. Sarah. It is worthy of remark, that Sarah is the only woman whose age, death, and burial are distinctly noted in the Sacred Writings. an. ch. 17:17.” (Volume 1, Page 14)

“Trust. Ps. 22:4, 5; 34:1, 2; 47:1–3. Job 13:15. Is. 26:4; 50:10. 1 Jno. 2:28” (Volume 1, Page 379)


7 ratings

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  1. Isaac Lugo

    Isaac Lugo


  2. Aaron Raju

    Aaron Raju


    It's difficult not to be amazed by the technology we have access to in the 21st century. Having the ToSK open parallel to my Bible is incredible when coupled with the Logos features. Being able to simply hover over a scripture reference and see the verses pop up is almost magical. There are instances where the scripture references are odd, either having nothing to do with the particular verse or ignoring certain portions of a verse. In these cases, it is best to search through the entire Bible via the original Greek/Hebrew lemma. Nevertheless, it is impossible for me to ever study the Bible again without this resource. On a side issue, Logos itself is often slow and can be aggravating when trying to open up a link to a scripture reference. Not an issue with this resource, but if you like to flip back and forth across chapters of the Bible, you may want to invest in a faster computer.
  3. Marco



    Essential tool
  4. D. McCoy

    D. McCoy


    If I could only take one book along with my Bible, it would be The Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge. Actually, it would be "The New Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge" that I don't find listed here, but is somewhere in the Logos Catalogue. Comparing Scripture with Scripture is the Key to solid exposition and delivery of any Text in the Bible. Backing up what you have to say with The Word's "Here a little, there a little, line upon line..." So here's your tool for the job. Don't be lazy... Get it. You need this book...
  5. Tom Taylor

    Tom Taylor


    it makes the Bible a commentary on itself. Best source.
  6. Miguel A Cardenas
  7. Nanci Craig

    Nanci Craig


    Excellent resource!
  8. Anthony Grubb
    Great resource. There is already an updated "New" version--both use the KJV/AV phraseology. One with ESV and NIV phraseology could be nice (hint, hint). I own both this TSK and the NTSK on Logos through my packages, but for some reason Logos is "allowing" me to purchase this one, so be careful and check that you don't already own it.
  9. Libor Votoček
    Superb resource for deep study of the Bible. Highly recommended
  10. Don Carr

    Don Carr


Save 25% off during the Memorial Day Sale!


Print list price: $19.95
Regular price: $17.99
Save $4.50 (25%)