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The Exodus and the Wanderings in the Wilderness


Starting with the history of Israel in Egypt and portraying the political, social, and religious state of the people prior to the Exodus, Alfred Edersheim leads the reader on the journey of the Israelites through the wilderness to Mount Sinai. Edersheim’s deep devotion to the authority of the Scriptures, his ability to make the Scriptures come alive in their ancient context and his encyclopedic familiarity with ancient Jewish sources all enrich this classic and timeless work.

This volume is essential for students, scholars, pastors, historians, teachers of the Bible, or anyone studying the book of Exodus. With Logos Bible Software, this volume is completely searchable, with passages of Scripture appearing on mouse-over, as well as being linked to the Greek and Hebrew texts and English translations in your library. This makes these texts more powerful and easier to access than ever before for scholarly work or personal Bible study.

Key Features

  • Examines the history of Israel in Egypt
  • Portrays the political, social, and religious state prior to the Exodus
  • Explores Israel’s journey to Mount Sinai

Praise for the Print Edition

In the easiest, simplest way imaginable, in unostentatious popular language, he embodies the results of a large literature.

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Product Details

  • Title: The Exodus and the Wanderings in the Wilderness
  • Author: Alfred Edersheim
  • Publisher: Fleming H. Revell Company
  • Publication Date: 1876
  • Pages: 200

About Alfred Edersheim

Alfred Edersheim (1825–1889) was a Vienna-born biblical scholar who converted from Judaism to Christianity. A veteran minister and missionary to the Jews of Romania, Edersheim left an enduring and priceless legacy to followers of Christ. His other works, The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah, The Temple: Its Ministry and Services as They Were at the Time of Jesus Christ, Sketches of Jewish Social Life in the Days of Christ, and Bible History Old Testament can be found in Logos in the Alfred Edersheim Collection (4 vols.).