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Tertullian’s Apologetic and Practical Treatises


Along with Athanasius and Justin Martyr, Tertullian was one of the early church’s greatest theologians and apologists. In Apologetic and Practical Treatises, Tertullian provides an array of essays defending and explaining Christian practices, such as prayer, baptism, and repentance. Defending Christian abstention, other essays explain Christian perspectives on topics such as idolatry, Rome’s public shows, and other pagan practices. This volume also includes personal letters that bring further clarity to the challenges second-century Christians faced.

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Key Features

  • Presents the theological perspectives of one of the church’s greatest theologians
  • Examines numerous topics in practical and sacramental theology and apologetics
  • Provides unique insights into the issues Christians faced in the second century


  • Apology
  • Of the Witness of the Soul
  • Address to Scapula
  • Address to the Martyrs
  • Of the Crown
  • Of Public Shows
  • Of Idolatry
  • Of Baptism
  • Of Prayer
  • Of Patience
  • Of Repentance
  • To his Wife, Book 1
  • To his Wife, Book 2
  • On Prescription Against Heretics

Product Details

  • Title: Tertullian’s Apologetic and Practical Treatises
  • Author: Tertullian
  • Translator: C. Dodgson
  • Series: A Library of Fathers of the Holy Catholic Church
  • Publisher: John Henry Parker
  • Publication Date: 1842
  • Pages: 535

About Tertullian

Tertullian (AD 160–225) was the son of a Roman centurion from North Africa. He pursued an education in literature and rhetoric, and then practiced law before converting to Christianity around the year AD 197. Shortly after his conversion, Tertullian set himself to defending the Catholic faith against non-Christians and heretics, and is highly regarded among all Christian traditions today.

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