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In his later life, fourth- and fifth-century historian Philostorgius wrote a 12-volume history of the church, covering the period from the beginning of the Arian schism to the year 425 AD. The massive work no longer exists in its entirety, but this volume contains what remains: “an epitome of [his ecclesiastical history] compiled by Photius, who was appointed to the Patriarchal see of Constantinople, AD 853, and under whom the schism between Eastern and Western churches was formally consummated.” Photius I, or St. Photius the Great, a ninth-century historian, is regarded by many as the most influential Patriarch of Constantinople since John Chrysostom, as well as an eminent intellectual of his time. In The Ecclesiastical History of Philostorgius, he carefully sifts through Philostorgius’ detailed church history and provides the essence of each of the original volumes. Translated into English for the first time by Edward Walford, this work offers a compelling look at the Arian Controversy, supplemented by Walford’s many helpful footnotes.

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  • Provides an epitome of the now-lost text of the The Ecclesiastical History of Philostorgius
  • Offers an account of the Arian Controversy
  • Gives a window into early church history and controversy
  • Includes helpful footnotes by translator Edward Walford
  • Title: The Ecclesiastical History of Philostorgius
  • Author: Photius the Great
  • Editor/Translator: Edward Walford
  • Publisher: Henry G. Bohn
  • Publication Date: 1855
  • Pages: 92

Photios I, also spelled Photius or Fotios, was Patriarch of Constantinople from 858 to 867 and from 877 to 886. He is recognized in the Eastern Orthodox churches as St. Photios the Great. Photios is widely regarded as the most powerful and influential Patriarch of Constantinople since John Chrysostom, and as the most important intellectual of his time, “the leading light of the ninth-century renaissance”.


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Digital list price: $5.99
Save $1.00 (16%)