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New Covenant Commentary: Romans (NCCS)

Format: Digital
, 2009
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The New Covenant Commentary Series, compiled by contributors form a diverse range of backgrounds, devotes itself to the task of biblical interpretation and theological reflection. It unwraps each biblical book section-by-section, providing a clear view of the theology and application within. Focusing on both the text and various contexts of each book, the series illustrates the impact they had on faith and tradition at the time of their composition—and the significance they continue to have in contemporary life, faith, and ministry.

Craig S. Keener’s Romans is a helpfully concise commentary on Paul’s letter to the early Christians in Rome, which the Apostle wrote just a few years before the outbreak of Nero’s persecution. Keener examines each paragraph for its function in the letter as a whole, helping the reader follow Paul’s argument. Where relevant, he draws on his vast work in ancient Jewish and Greco-Roman sources in order to help modern readers understand the message of Romans according to the way the first audience would have heard it. Throughout, Keener focuses on major points that are especially critical for the contemporary study of Paul’s most influential and complex New Testament letter.

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Key Features

  • Section-by-section commentary
  • Comprehensive introduction, abbreviations, bibliography, and index
  • Numerous Jewish and Greco-Roman sources


  • Outline of Romans
  • Preface
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction
  • Romans 1
    • Excursus: Dikaiosunē in Romans
    • Fusing the Horizons: Homosexual Activity
  • Romans 2
  • Romans 3
  • Romans 4
  • Romans 5
  • Romans 6
  • Romans 7
    • Excursus: Paul and the Law in Romans
    • Excursus: The “Flesh” (sarx) in Romans
  • Romans 8
    • Fusing the Horizons: Faith and Righteousness
    • Fusing the Horizons: Suffering
  • Romans 9
  • Romans 10
  • Romans 11
    • Fusing the Horizons: Boasting against Other Branches
  • Romans 12
  • Romans 13
    • Fusing the Horizons: Church and State
  • Romans 14
    • Excursus: Ancient Mediterranean Food Customs
  • Romans 15
  • Romans 16
  • Bibliography
  • Scripture Index
  • Index of Ancient Sources
  • Author Index
  • Subject Index

Praise for the Print Edition

By grounding his exposition of Romans in the world of the first century, yet keeping his eye on the needs and concerns of the contemporary world, Keener offers here a rare commodity: a lucid commentary that is simultaneously conversant with the latest biblical scholarship and pastorally sensitive.

—John T. Fitzgerald, chair of the department of religious studies, University of Miami

Craig Keener has written a marvelous commentary that will prove to be a valuable tool for ministers, students, and scholars alike. By insightfully introducing and contextualizing, as well as providing excurses that guide the reader from ancient to modern times, Keener has done with excellence what a commentary should do.

—Manfred Lang, professor, Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg

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About Craig S. Keener

Craig S. Keener (PhD, Duke University) is professor of New Testament at Palmer Seminary of Eastern University. He is also the author of fourteen books, including a number of commentaries.

  • Title: Romans: A New Covenant Commentary
  • Author: Craig S. Keener
  • Series: New Covenant Commentary Series
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  • Print Publication Date: 2009
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