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Common Grace, Vol. 1: The Historical Section, Part 1: Noah–Adam

Format: Digital
ISBN: 9781938948190


Abraham Kuyper’s seminal three-volume work Common Grace (De Gemeene Gratie) presents a constructive public theology of cultural engagement rooted in the common humanity of Christians and non-Christians. Kuyper, a remarkable Dutch politician, journalist, educator, statesman, and Reformed theologian, was also a brilliant communicator and prolific writer. This work displays Kuyper at his finest as he draws Christians back to the biblical principles that guide believers in the development of a winsome and constructive social witness.

This complete, first-ever English translation will help Christians find answers to questions about how the gospel addresses our roles in public life, cultural leadership, and the beneficial contributions of all people, especially those in the arts and sciences. Common Grace provides a much-needed opportunity to absorb Kuyper’s insights about God’s marvelous designs for human cultural life and to realize afresh how God’s providence extends to all facets of human life. In volume one, Kuyper develops a historical argument based on the earliest chapters of Genesis.

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Key Features

  • A capstone work from a leading theologian
  • Comprehensive theology for Christian cultural engagement
  • First English translation

Praise for the Print Edition

This book and its subsequent volumes in the series give us a much needed opportunity to absorb the insights of Abraham Kuyper about God’s marvelous designs for human cultural life.

Richard J. Mouw, professor of faith and public life, Fuller Theological Seminary

Abraham Kuyper was a profound theologian, an encyclopedic thinker, and a deeply spiritual man who believed that it is the believer’s task ’to know God in all his works.’ In a day when secular science is seeking to establish hegemony over all knowing, and when postmodern art is threatening to bring an end to art, Kuyper’s solid, biblical insights can help to restore perspective and sanity to these two critical areas of human life.

—Charles Colson, founder, Prison Fellowship and Colson Center for Christian Worldview

Abraham Kuyper’s work on common grace has enriched my own theological approach to cultural engagement for years. The release of these translations into the English-speaking world is sure to have lasting ripple effects throughout the fields of public theology, Christian ethics, and systematic theology. Kuyper’s robust theological portrait of a God whose dynamic, creative, and gracious work pervades the entire world will inflame the imagination and warm the heart.

—Matthew Kaemingk, executive director, The Fuller Institute for Theology and Northwest Culture

Product Details

  • Title: Commmon Grace, Vol. 1: The Historical Section, Part 1: Noah–Adam
  • Author: Abraham Kuyper
  • Editors: Jordan Ballor and Stephen Grabill
  • Translators: Nelson D. Kloosterman and Ed M. van der Maas
  • Publisher: Christian’s Library Press
  • Publication Date: 2013
  • Pages: 280

About Abraham Kuyper

Abraham Kuyper (1837–1920) is a significant figure in the history of the Netherlands and modern Protestant theology. A prolific intellectual, he founded a political party and a university, and served as the prime minister of the Netherlands (1901–1905).