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Luke (NIV Application Commentary | NIVAC)

, 1996
ISBN: 9780310427209
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Today’s world is more fragmented than ever. Diversity often becomes the rallying cry for what is in truth separatism and alienation. The multiplied voices of disunity clamor with increasing volume—yet they are nothing new. It was on a fractured planet that Jesus Christ lived and ministered, and it’s on this same planet two thousand years later that he continues to unite and heal the fault lines of shattered humanity.

This is the message of Luke’s Gospel. It is a Gospel that crosses the borders between Jews and Gentiles, bringing together the unlikely and the disenfranchised under the brotherhood and lordship of one King, Christ. With carefully researched detail, Luke the historian presents an account of Jesus that’s filled with meaning and promise for the entire world. It proclaims wholeness and restoration of humanity’s broken heart through inclusion into God’s kingdom.

Exploring the links between the Bible and our own times, Darrell L. Bock shares perspectives on the Gospel of Luke that reveal its enduring relevance for our twenty-first century lives.

Resource Experts
  • Treats all the elements of traditional exegesis
  • Compares the original context and the contemporary context
  • Engages contemporary life and culture

Top Highlights

“With conversion comes the responsibility to join the task of sharing the good news.” (Page 291)

“Jesus’ point is that loving and hosting those who love you and are your friends is not inherently morally commendable” (Page 393)

“Another practical issue is the personal, compassionate meeting of basic needs, not the mere throwing of money at a problem in the hopes it will fix itself. The Samaritan not only provides resources but personally undertakes to make sure that others who become a part of the process are aware that he wants the victim brought back to health.” (Page 302)

“Missions is not a matter of marketing but of the Lord’s directing his people to share faithfully the grace they have experienced.” (Page 291)

“They must not be concerned with the normal affairs of life as other people are; ministry is their priority” (Page 292)

This is the pulpit commentary for the twenty-first century.

—George K. Brushaber, president, Bethel College and Seminary

The NIV Application Commentary meets the urgent need for an exhaustive and authoritative commentary based on the New International Version. This series will soon be found in libraries and studies throughout the evangelical community.

—James Kennedy, senior minister, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

It is encouraging to find a commentary that is not only biblically trustworthy but also contemporary in its application. The NIV Application Commentary will prove to be a helpful tool in the pastor’s sermon preparation. I use it and recommend it.

Charles F. Stanley, pastor, First Baptist Church of Atlanta

Darrell L. Bock

Dr. Darrell L. Bock, research professor of New Testament studies and professor of spiritual development and culture at Dallas Theological Seminary, serves as editor-at-large forChristianity Today, and is on the board of Chosen People Ministries and Wheaton College. From 2000 to 2001, Dr. Bock served as president of the Evangelical Theological Society.

He has earned international recognition as a Humboldt Scholar for his work in Luke-Acts, historical Jesus study, biblical theology, as well as with messianic Jewish ministries. He has published articles in the Los Angeles Times and The Dallas Morning News and is a well-known author of over 30 books. His publications include Studying the Historical Jesus: A Guide to Sources and Methods,Jesus According to Scripture, an NIV Application Commentary on Luke, Breaking the Da Vinci Code, and commentaries on Acts and Luke in the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (BECNT) series.


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